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Dear Sirs,

The next time you are walking along with you hands in your pockets and an NCO acknowledges you along with a good morning, please do not just look at him without uttering a word and carry on, believe it or not it is slightly rude :mad: :mad: :mad:
Bizarre! I heard of this happening just the other week when two squaddies walked past a Major and failed to respond when he said Good morning.  He balled them out and then told the CSM who ripped them out a new... well, you get the picture.

I was astonished that it could happen at all though.
Between officers we hardly ever salute one another unless it is the CO. When it comes to the lads however it can happen every 30 seconds or so depending where on camp you are and the time of day (like walking past the cookhouse at lunchtime), so you do occasionally overlook the odd compliment. That being said, there is no excuse in my mind for returning a compliment if someone has paid it, even if it is just to say "good morning".
Manners maketh the man.  Salute or no salute a polite greeting requires a polite reply regardless of rank or position.


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As a Major I always salute ORs and SNCOs when I'm in uniform, even if they are not dressed the same and only brace up or simply acknowlege my presence  (That does not necessarily include the RAF!!).  I also always salute brother Officers, regardless of seniority or rank, as this is a method of greeting that is unique to those who serve and means a heck of a lot to those on the receiving end.  Besides which, this forms the origins of the compliment and should be upheld in line with the best traditions of the services.

I see it as an important tennet of good manners (as stated by you, GGG!) and something that should be preserved at all cost.


The rudest man I ever encountered was a very senior Naval officer in full uniform  sporting two adorable black labradors at a navy versus Airforce footy match many years ago.
I was there as a guest of one of the crabfats and as I love labs gave them a fuss and attempted to ask him their names etc.
The guy blanked me! Completely! Can you imagine how embarrassing that was? I was a young civilian and was being very polite and interested in his dogs. I have never forgotten that incident. How can a man like that possibly hope to adapt to civilian life later? :(
and to close..
A major is walking along with his aide. As young squaddies salute him he says "Same to you". His aide asks why he is saying this. He replies: "I was a squaddie once. I know what they're thinking when they salute me."  ;D

With regard to your first paragraph - ditto, on all points.

Even for some reason I cannot physically repond to a salute, I will always give a "good morning" etc.

I can remember receiving my first ever salute as a Midshipman in my first term at Dartmouth whilst visiting HMS Pembroke, Chatham.  A trainee chef (with probably the same length of service) gave me a salute his GIs would have been proud of.  However, the whole event was somewhat spoilt when we banged elbows!


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Compliments should always be returned smartly.  Generally, in my experience, soldiers salute smartly and correctly, ie eyes right, left erect and square to the front etc etc, if they didn't, Sgt Majors will generally 'educate them'.  The thing that really narks me is when fellow officers return said smart salutes with a wave of the hand towards the temple, with a quick flick of the wrist.

Officers within my unit rarely salute each other (except CO / OC etc) however, like CGS, i will always salute other officers regardless of rank; i believe in this case, a less formal salute is acceptable than when returning a soldier's salute.
Many years ago, when I was a 2Lt, I worked for a short time at a Bde HQ. The Bde Comd walked past my office every morning and never failed to stop and say "Good Morning". What astonished me was that even though I was years younger and clearly inexperienced in either combat or command, he saluted ME every morning that he steped into my office.
When I asked my Comd WRAC  why he did this, she told me that he was saluting the authority the Queens Commission held in that office.
I have continued that tradition whenever I enter any officers office (obviously only when wearing headdress-let's not get American about this!) regardless  of the rank of the officer.
Can any one tell me (now that I'm retired) if Subalterns/Captains are still tought that discipline? If not , then that's a different topic


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Saluting on entering other officers offices (whilst wearing headdress of course) is still taught (via the Young Officers Handbook) in R SIGNALS.
I'm a civvy and I still brace up (been known to salute peiople too but in a crap officer manner)

Officers who don't treat soldiers with repect should be made to live int he block.   arrogant t***s

way back when - when working with KOSB (or some jock mob) in Falklands one of the guys had f**k you tattooed on the inside of his his right little finger.  

RSM had a cow


:)  Certainly we were taught on RA YO's a few years ago that saluting when entering an office was the norm, regardless of ranks...   8)


On commisioning as an LE we were taught the same-simple but effective-manners do indeed maketh the man
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