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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by lsquared, Feb 24, 2007.

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  1. The people of Ireland, led by their President, gave a lesson in manners at Croke Park earlier today.

    Half the Irish crowd, as seen on my screen, were singing 'God Save the Queen'.

    Irish rugby men, and women, I salute you.

    What a change from the boorish, pathetic, pitiful booing that accompanies 'God Save the Queen' in my own beautiful country - Wales.

    I am ashamed every time it happens.

    PS. The Irish players gave a few lessons into the bargain Sorry, English - I couldn't resist - I am Welsh.
  2. Yes, and that despite the BBC's attempts to whip up an interesting story for themselves to cover by prefixing every comment about the match this morning with foreboding tones about the long history of resentment surrounding this particular venue. Well done the Irish fans....and a slightly more grudging well done to the Irish team.

    Oh and the French seem to be doing their bit for international lessons at the moment... :thumright:
  3. Nice to see true sportsmanship not dogged by politics for once.

    Good one Ireland.
  4. I agree, well done Ireland!

    I am a scotsman and I am embarrased by our performance today! Well done Italy! I have tickets for the forthcoming matches against Ireland and France and fear that we will get our sorry asses kicked in both fixtures.
  5. There were others that didn't quite enter into the spirit of things.

    But then you wouldn't expect any different from THIS rag.
  6. Well done, hats off to the crowd at Croke Park.
  7. Erm, it could be that thoseIrishmen singing GSTQ with pride at Croke Park were of an Orange inclination, you know.
  8. Might have been but they won't be back for the All Ireland hitting something with a stick final between Kerry and Louth.

    They'd like to be but they won't be.
  9. While I've no particular interest in hurling or garlic football, (probably more to do with never having been exposed to it while growing up in my orange ghetto, than actually disliking the sports - much like cricket!) I dare say I would have a better chance of securing a ticket for the all Ireland final than yesterdays game! :winkrazz:
  10. God save Ireland
  11. Very true, as there are quite a few south of the Border...
  12. I suppose it's what you did with the empty plastic milk carton.

    Hit it or play it.