Mann not looking forward to a west african holiday

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by smallbrownprivates, Jan 31, 2008.

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  1. Simon Mann loses his appeal against extraditon to EG

    clicky clicky

    Not sure how nick du toit is surviving, but it looks like he will now have company.

    Mind you, chained to a wall and being fed once a day (or month) sounded like a holiday to an ex legionnaire colleague, particularly as he said they would be excused the beach runs!
  2. oh dear, looks like he's in for a few sleepless nights!
  3. Odd how Amnesty International are demonstrating their arrses off over Guantanamo, while stuff like this slips under their radar, isn't it?

    Nah, 'course it's not.
  4. Rather similar to CND and their calls for disarmament - their protests were only ever against the western liberal democracies that allowed them freedom of expression! :roll:
  5. America sent in condi rice for a kiss ass session to secure the release of 6 of their airmen caught up in this fiasco.

    What's our govt doing? Feck all as usual.

    Me, I blame the cnut Dr. Death. Bet he shopped them all in when they landed on the tarmac in Rhodesia, and he probably did it because one of the toffs funding it brassed him off. That barsteward should have been injected in the eyeball and tossed out a plane long ago.
  6. He expected Zimbabwe of all countries to give him human rights when they can't do it for their own people never mind people who plot a coup of another African country...............
  7. Strange, searching Amnesty's website for "Equatorial Guinea" gives no fewer than 3,100 results.

    If you want to know who's keeping quiet about this, "J.H. Archer" and "Scratcher", and David Hart would be a great place to start. In for the win, nowhere to be seen when their mates landed in the shit.
  8. engr172

    engr172 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I feel sorry for the chap myself. Only trying to spread the use of English, and a few colonial customs to deepest darkest Africa!!
  9. Many demonstrations? Vigils? Protests? Mann would give his right arm to be en route for Guantanamo rather than Black Beach right now.
  10. No she didn´t. The six airmen were Armenians, not Americans. Armenia bought their freedom for about a million dollars each. However, they were small fry and sadly, Simon Mann will attract a much higher price.

    Also, Amnesty did attend Nick De Toit´s and the Armenians´ trial and made a suitable protest about the lack of legal process, like the court providing interpreters that only spoke Spanish and rudimentary Russian. If we really want something done about this regime, we need to turn to the US oil companies operating in the country - and there´s a fat chance of them endangering their Production Sharing Contracts.
  11. BBC say he's already handed over to EG authorities, and is presumably on his way to Black Beach.

    If only Mark Thatcher had crossed the border into Zimbabwe...
  12. Thank you for the correction Jorrocks, I shall now shoot my source ;)