"Manly" French

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Phil306, Jun 9, 2005.

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  1. What a load of bo11ocks. I'm sure the working class farmers, mechanics, factory workers and general striking masses of France would strongly disagree with this assessment. Who did they survey - effeminate, well groomed city boys? They should try getting out into the cuds of any country and they would soon see a different picture.
  2. Could have fooled me. I always thought they were poofs! :twisted:
  3. This is the myth of the metrosexual. I travel extensively, on business, in both Europe and the US. I have to meet hundreds of people from diverse organisations and extremes of the social strata, and apart from the odd "enlightened" salesman (WOCAB) most of us are the same knuckle-dragging, ar*e-scratching neanderthals we always have been.
  4. Although I admire the Italians greatly, you can't really beat their menfolk for strutting peacock girly supremacy.

    I used to go to Chelsea of a Saturday for the footie when Vialli was there and there were feckin' hundreds of Italians following them. They would rock up in immaculate cords, suede Gucci loafers (with obligatory lemon-coloured cashmere socks), beautifully tailored sports jackets and (get this) barbour jackets with ironed sleeves. They also carried those little bloke-handbag things.

    Yet chicks adore them. Huh?

  5. Did any of you take any notice of the mincer pictured in the article (click on the link above)?

    What the fcuk is it with the Surrender Monkeys? If I or any of you were to go on the lash with the lads, go down the NAAFI or Mess dressed like "that" we'd be pummeled into the ground and probably beast fcuked by the likes of mooch!

    Now I ain't exactly Mr Schwarzenegger myself but I hope someone will shoot me if I end up like that?

  6. I know where Monsiuer Louet lives, its down the road past the lime green lamp post, it's the Pink door on the left next to the Pissoir.
    I have something for him , it's long, hard, black and loud sparks come out of one end.
    Its time to get out of the Cellars, the Boxhead's have now left your country.
  7. "salmon" shirt = pink shirt?

    An associate of mine has recently purchased, and worn, a so-called "salmon" shirt.

    So, does this make him

    (a) metrosexual (aka "new man"/poof)
    (b) closet homosexual using his girlfriend as cover
    (c) neither ?
  9. Pink shirts are practically de rigeur for city types, when twinned with a good pin-stripe. I have shirts in various "poncy" colours including salmon and "coral" :? :roll: but I only wear them with jeans and loafers, so I vote (c)

  10. Being the "Associate" It is definitely C, I hate city slickers, i only wear it with jeans and shoes when im on the beer.

    Real men wear pink, they just dont talk about it.

    John Wayne wore pink pyjamas, so why not me in my pink polo shirt!?! :oops: