Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by blessed baby cakes, Jun 13, 2004.

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  1. Top recommendations for a top night in mankland from an ARRSE connoisseur just in....

    Rumour has it he actually campaigned to have his favourite line up in the house...

    Here's a clue...


    Any idea who this mystery man can be????????
  2. Gunny?
  3. ERM MC by any chance :lol:
  4. ohhhhhhhhh MC that's mean,
    you told me in confidence,
    and promised not to out anyone!

    how many other ARRSE females has MC PM-ed asking if they have size 9 FMS to loan to his 'friend'?

  5. and sussie belts
  6. I got something about a blue lycra dress? I thought I just got the wrong PM?
  7. The cheeky copper even asked me if he could borrow my whip!!! - for "his friend" of course..........
  8. Dear god who is this 'friend'?????????????????????

    could it be the mild mannered janitor?
  9. If I said his friend had a name that sounded like 'Sloppy Wine' would anyone have a better idea? I think said friend is doing his shift in the gimp cage at the mo.

    Or does Gunny still have that position?
  10. For a disabled person your quite funny, Mr Handicapped. Is the Officers Mess gimp feeling lonely? Want to join me in my cage? Better still, why not try to make some friends on your lonely planet.
  11. Concessions are OAP’s, students, disabled & their carer, children (see below).

    So who would take thier child to see the lady boys????