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Manifesto Gash


Kit Reviewer
If anything illustrates the acceleration of the news cycle in the digital age it's the tale of @bevaniteelllie. Just 24 hours ago Ellie Gellard was an obscure 20-year-old Labour-supporting student, blogger and tweeter (under that @bevaniteellie soubriquet), albeit one who tweeted so frequently that you feared for her thumbs.

Then she suddenly went quiet for 12 hours - to emerge on the platform as the warm-up act at Labour's manifesto launch. Immediately the blogosphere swung into action, combing through her past online activity in the hope of finding something even vaguely disreputable or embarrassing.
I hope it's a sorded sex tape. She's filth.

BBC Linky


Kit Reviewer
Steven said:
What is she drinking through that blue straw?
Rohypnol, although she doesn't know it yet. In the thumbnail version of the picture it looked like she was chewing on a pencil in a sultry manner. Yum.

(DMS, according to the article you are indeed correct. Only two years ago, in fact, and very much noticed by the Tory commentators).

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