Mandy Nash nee Wilkinson

Sad to report the passing of Mandy Nash after a period of illness. Our path's seldom crossed but the badge of the old-school Counter Sabotage surveyor speaks volumes to me. I know first hand, but also from others that she had a strong moral code, of the sort that exemplifies the values of the Corps and the WOs' and Sergeants' Mess. A wicked sense of humour as well.

On completion of her colour service Mandy went on to take a commission in 3 MI Bn.

Stolen from us at a young age, she will sadly missed by friends and former colleagues alike. Mandy will be joining an number of friends already waiting ahead of her on the other side.

If you are not a paid up ICC member then PM me for details of the final parade.
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I saw the announcement but didn't know her, very sad and I'm sure the Corps folk who knew her will send her off in suitable style.
Likewise, at first I thought it was the other Wilkinson girl, but sad to say I never came across Mandy even though she left the Corps a year ahead of me, after what others have described as a very distinguished career.

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