Mandy and the Green Custard

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smallbore, Mar 6, 2009.

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  1. So what would you have done ?

    Mandy ran for his boyfriends arms when he was was hit in the face with the green custard.

    I think I would have thumped the cnut that did it. I also notice that none of his car companions did anything.

    What would you do ?
    (Truthfully now - what would you actually do, not What would you wish you had done)

    Linky for Mandelson Custard Outrage
  2. Instinctive reaction would have been right hook, swiftly followed by a grunt as I released into my boxers.
  3. What exactly are you asking? What would I do if someone threw custard in my face or what would I do to Mandy other than throw custard into his face?
  4. Who's Mandy?
  5. big wah there.
  6. Keep up AA. Mandleson.
  7. Do you

    A:plead ignorance due to living in the US and make liney_lunatic look a little harsh.


    B:Call PandaLOVE a fucking spastic for falling for such an obvious wah.

    Hhhmmm the agony of choice.
  8. I knew it was a wah. Give me this one though, how often do I actually know something someone else doesn't?
  9. I'll plead A.

    The question still remains... A link will do... Just trying to keep up...

    Liney: Don't worry, I thought you were fair...
  10. I am not sure how you view Mandy, nor do I ask. My question was meant to be ;"If you were in his place and the woman threw custard at you; How would you react ?"

    Would you;
    a) Deck her
    b) Advise diversity training (for her or yourself)
    c) Run to your boyfriends arms
    d) Some other course of action
  11. I Would;

    a) Deck her

    then a quick jab into the throat with a booted foot. "Oooops, sorry love I mistook you for a terryist".
  12. Any female interaction is welcome these days and with very low odds of her doing it because she fancied me I'd wait out for a moment to be certain (10-20 minutes should do it). If it became apparent she did not do it out of lust or love (bunny boilers are welcome in my world) I'd deck her or atleast try.
  13. I don't know what the fuss is about. It's not the first time he's had custard chucked in his face.

    Maybe the first time outside a public toilet...
  14. After watching the video, she needs to work a bit on her delivery.

    Good throw, got right up close to her target and delivered the good news. Her explaination sounded more like an apology and an ill thought out year 8 project to boot.

    Perhaps a more co-ordinated operation would have.....

    a. Had Leila (is that her name?) throw the custard.
    b. Mandy's car and cronies would then be subjected to an immediate bombardment of custard bombs.
    c. Leila gives a impromptu press conference (pref rehearsed and scripted) on the quite frankly idiotic idea of a 3rd runway at Heathrow.

    That's what I would have done......
  15. Mandy enjoys sucking cokc and is well used to having his face spattered with sperm. It's more likely the incident caused him a degree of sexual arousal as he remembered his last bukkake party.