Mandleson! the thrust for domination continues

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by re-stilly, Dec 2, 2009.

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  1. New legislation proposed by the Government would allow them to re-write Copyright law and increase surveillance say Google, Yahoo and Ebay. Link

    I am worried the next election might not even get to go ahead, something will come up allowing the Government to stay in power and invoke "emergency" legislation allowing them to cancel General elections.
  2. oh yes Facebook and Google are ever so concerned about our private data :roll:

    and how would they manage that? people were saying exactly the same about the Bush administration, was more likely to happen with them too imo
  3. The Dark Lord is in the press again!

    Think DC would complain if no election next year!
  4. Did you have to use the words Mandelson and thrust in the same sentence?

    You had me really worried there.
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Give me Google and Facebook over Government mismanagement of my private data any day of the week. At least I'm not obliged to have my personal data recorded by them.
  6. This is a book worth reading, gives a good idea of what the cnuts are up to behind the scenes

    Mind blowing just what they have got away with, and what could be lined up for the future.

  7. If Mandelson does guide Labour to Victory next year he has sent the Police plans for their new Helmet (Health & Safety - Time to phase out the pointed one...)

  8. Emergency Powers legislation was introduced by Liar Blair, all that has to happen is for some "national emergency" which will sweep in draconian powers and wipe away all civil liberties.

    Gordon is on a sticky wicket, widespread corruption at highest levels of the Government, even top Police chiefs are involved, plenty of people who don't want to face the music, so when the crunch comes better for something to happen than risk the expose' of having had a criminally corrupt government the past few years, hopefully the economic crisis will blow over by the time the emergency measures need to pulled, and by then everything can be buried in OSA legislation.

    Just to clarify, I have no bacofoil.
  9. More likely to happen here, IMHO; the Septics knew what they were doing when the made the Right To Bear Arms part of the Constitution. Yes, it has been abused, but nothing keeps politicians from going over the score like the thought of millions of p1ssed-off citizens with unlimited gats and ammo... :twisted:

    The UK populace, by contrast, is largely apathetic and, more importantly, unarmed. It's also worth remembering that the most advanced society is only a few days of hunger away from anarchy. A few "terrorist attacks" in the right areas and the sheeple will let you do anything you want as long as you promise them security.

    Don't believe the UK public is that dumb? Look at the ratings for X Factor or the Jermey Kyle Show. :roll:
  10. I hope Mandy has cleared it through his Russian oligarch friend
  11. you're not obliged... you're not even asked. and if you don't tick the right boxes on facebook they'll sell your piccies away for ads, you could find pictures of your misses on banners advertising porn... well maybe not yours but mine for sure. :p

    you don't need guns to bring a government to it's knees, at least not in our part of the world
  12. It's quite clear that those distributing pirated material online need to be stopped. However, the international and almost anonymous nature of the beast is that you'll never be able to stop it completely so the best way forward is to offer a realistic alternative. iTunes, for example, has done a brilliant job of this - and the Playstation Store is another example with it's massive downloadable movie collection.

    What we don't need is an enabling act that allows politicians to pass laws which will spy on Internet users who have done nothing wrong, or catch/arrest/fine minor offenders (i.e. kids who download songs/movies because they can't afford them). Additionally, it won't stop there. You can guarantee laws passed to 'stop copyright' will be used for other purposes.

  13. to be fair the empire won't mess around when confronted with a bunch of chavs off to the kessel space mines with them.
    although from the training films they need to work on there apwt :twisted:
  14. Just the same as the anti terror laws that are given to too many people, eg councils using them to spy on your recycling,
    See my previous post on this thread, that book is a good read. (and no I do not know the author or have shares in it :D ).

    Edited due to mong fingers.

    Business Secretary Lord Mandelson has confirmed he had wanted to become the EU's first "foreign secretary".

    The High Representative for External Affairs post went to Lady Ashton.

    Lord Mandelson denied he was blocked from the job by President Sarkozy - telling the BBC he never got close enough to getting the job to be vetoed.

    He told Radio 4's Today he was committed to the government but "in other circumstances I would have liked to have done that job".

    His departure would have been a significant blow for Mr Brown and taken as a sign that senior Labour figures had given up on the next election.