Mandlescum to make his play for Party Leader?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ferox_provincia, Aug 2, 2009.

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  1. If they can drag him out of Rio de Janeiro gay clubs he might launch a challenge. But this guy has already been sacked about 3 times and he still pops up.

    He is also a attendee of the Bilderberg group which tells us quite a lot really.
  2. Does'nt really matter who leads Labour; after the next election they will be cast into the outer darkness for a generation.

    Under normal circumstances, I treat politics with the contempt it deserves. But I will be staying up to watch the general election, with a few beers at the ready to toast ZANU-NL's massacre... :twisted:
  3. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    ffs... he makes tricky dicky nixon loo like a model of probity, the bent (in a legal sense, of course) motherfcuker.
  4. How come he is in such a position of power. The guy has been found wanting.
  5. He must have somthing on all the other New Labour wonkers
  6. Just what the country needs now - a TWICE dismissed and disgraced pervert for prime minister :x :x :x .

    This awful man makes 'Clown' Brown seem close to being a human. Listening to him speaking is akin to imagining diarrhoea sliding down the lavatory pan and just as enjoyable!
  7. Please don't start popping champagne corks just yet-after all Zanu-Labour has been importing 'voters' in the form of their 'immigration' policy for 12 years and they're not out of office yet.
    Secondly,as one of the previous posters has already said,Mandelson is a regular attendee at the annual Bilderberg meetings,in practice a much more powerful influence over the affairs of industrially-enslaved countries such as ours than 'mere' governments.However,should it transpire that Labour are deservedly banished to the political wilderness for a long time next year,I will happily join in the celebrations in much the same manner as the previous poster suggested.
  8. So, he gives up the peerage and is parachuted into a safe seat, the resulting landslide victory enabling him to rejoin the government in a position to take up the party leadership and ultimately the quest for Number 10?

    Worth noting that the article doesn't name a single Labour MP supporting him who has been prepared to state this publically. How can this be?!
  9. The British elected Bliar 3 times. A totally dumbed down waste of space now i'm afraid is the British electorate. A personality is what they'l be looking for and Mandelson is a smoothie his past record the electorate wont even of heard of. Dont rule out Mandelson winning the election.
  10. double post
  11. I don't see this happening. Mandelson is only in this country in order to keep Brown in power long enough for the European Constitution to become law, after that he will bugger off back to the EU gravy train.
  12. Does Peter Fondlesmensbums have one single reddeming feature apart from one day he will die? Answers on a postcard please.
  13. Excellent post mate!