mandlebum slimes back in

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by shortfuse, Jul 23, 2004.

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  1. i cannot believe the arch botty feeler is widely believed to have slimed his way to a job as EU commisioner , just when you thought the governments attitude couldn't get any more "f*ck you minions" it does , the only glimmer of hope is that he is as unpopular in the Labour party as elsewhere heres hoping they get another kicking in the hartlepool by election.
  2. The Real Prince of Darkness, working undercover now that he shaved it's tache off.
  3. I bet TCH is well pissed off that bliar has looked after his old bum chum, he wanted the EU job. Oh well, shame :roll:
  4. The pansy Mandelson has regular demonstrated his lack of integrity, and is therefore an ideal candidate for a Bliar appointment. Given the EU's propensity for financial shenanigans, he should have no trouble fitting in.
  5. I wonder if Blair really wants to win the referendum?
  6. If we every get round to having one.
  7. Does this mean that TCH will be hanging around MoD like a bad smell?
  8. Lets face it, I really thought the Government couldn't sink to any lower depths in its attitude to us the electorate but this shows how much they hold the British people in contempt.

    Mandelbum must have some serious information on the glorious leader for him to constantly promote him, either that or they are having an affair :?

    Can I get in trouble for saying that? Ball0cks, who cares :evil:
  9. Well, the good people of Hartlepool didn't elect a Monkey to be their MP (unlike their Mayor) but they did elect a Weasle, who is now popping off to the land of Milk and Honey Mountains in Brussels, where he will no doubt metamorphasis into either a Rat, Leach or Mosquito. Either way, he is guaranteed to be a pain in the butt (and not just to his Brazilian boyfriend)

    Anyway, it stands to form.... if you are a failed Politician who has achieved the square root of naff all.. then your guaranteed to be welcomed into the trough that is Brussels.

    Communitaire indeed, mes amis! 8O
  10. .......announced Chris Pattens publicist :D

    Seriously though , how much more evidence do the British Public need that Bluppet is running UK PLC like his own personal fiefdom? :evil:

    You opinion doesn't matter anymore. Get to the bloody ballot box and change this , as soon as you get the chance
  11. There are silver linings to this cloud....

    No one will believe a word coming from our "trustworthy" EU commissioner!

    Hartlepool will be won by the Lib Dems!

    Makes Bliar look even more of a tw@t, as did his "rejoice" comment.

    They say that when they appear at their strongest, they are at their weakest. Hopefully!
  12. Now that will be worth seeing. If it happens then the alarm bells will resound all over Number 10 and our Glorious Leader may just shiit himself :twisted:
  13. Who the Hell are the Lib Dems? Are they the Party run by the Ginger Fox's Wee Smelling Chootka?

    Do they have a Defence Policy? Or is sign up to the EU Insecurity and No-Defence Policy, whereby everyone over the age of 80 is called up, given a white flag, some French lessons and Big dod of smelly cheese by which to surrender with?

    Where's Screamining Lord Sutch at a time like this?

    I sure picked a bad day to give up being cynical, paranoid, worried....!
  14. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    I wonder what he will be sacked sorry have to resign for this time? Did you see that picture of him mincing along with his stupid cut-off trousers? The guy is just such a slimeball
  15. Hoon will go in the autumn reshuffle. Problem is, who'll replace him? John Reid's the only minister who'd actually listen to the forces' lobby, but he's been lumbered with the NHS, almost as big a financial fcuk-up as the MoD. It kills more people, too, come to think of it. And doesn't use expensive ammo to do it. 8) .