mandem and the 240 love dolls

I suppose no ones watching this morning but theres a chap on with some of his collection of 240 "love" dolls which he takes "up the mountains" and " to garden centres. Suprisingly the fecker is married.

His most expensive is Jessica and she cost £7000.

Needless to say I have declared the house a tea free zone for the next hour. Supposedly has a forum as well so im going hunting.
Nothing new...
I've taken a girl 'up the mountains' I got it all over her chin, mouth etc.

Also taken them 'in the garden centre' one used to take her pubic topiary very seriously indeed, I prefer a soft, naturally grown bush myself.

The owner best be careful with those dolls of his and how he treats them :
YouTube - Only Fools and Horses - Dolls blow up
That made oi larff , I was going to ask could you fold up said girl and fit her in a hamper post "mountain" climbing but I can't imagine being comfortable with some of the comments from the more deviant members of ARRSE
I thought you only took soon to be dead ones up the mountains?
saw it but don't worry tis ok because he just dresses them up and dances with them, then drives them to the countryside for photostories for an 18+ website so nothing wierd going on

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