Mandelson to return to Government

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sandy_boots, Oct 3, 2008.

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  1. First parade the outrage bus....

    BBC news
  2. They have no shame....................
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    More than this is the fact that Ruth Kelly is doing what all labour Mps should do and that is jacking it in completely. Now has cuddles got her pregnant again?
    If an MP or more im portantly a minister gets caught doing something they shouldnt and they resign from office I think they should lose their jobs as MPs. Not good enough for govt work but ok to represent the local electorate? Discuss.
  4. Theodore Dalrymple, famously said...'I am aphasic with rage..' :evil:
  5. For the 3rd time, twice before he was caught up in sleaze, how long for this time? He and Cyclops have never got on before so I guess this will be short lived.

    Hope the journo's are digging dirt on him now!
  6. Wonderful......

  7. He is no longer an MP but will be given a seat in the Lords, possibly with trade and industry portfolio.

    Now that's a disgrace, can't Gordo find enough elected bodies to sit in the cabinet? He is really scratching around in the dirt for ally if he is having to dig up old Peter AGAIN.
  8. WTF are they playing at?? its like musical bleeding chairs.. in fact this is the worst case of recycling old shyite i have ever seen.
    ROLL ON A GENERAL ELECTION. the feckers :x
  9. Mandelson AND Beckett back in the Cabinet? That's it, then - Brown has finally lost his marbles; perhaps Commissar Sir Ian Blair will join the gang as well. This is surely the start of the final scene in the tragicomedy that is New Labour.
  10. The mans accident prone and has had to stand down twice before and they give him a peerage ? :x

    I cannot see that has done anywhere near enough to restore his reputation to deserve a peerage. Maybe after another incident free ten years in the EU.......

    Who's got the keys to the Arrse bus ?
  11. This bit got me......

    "The BBC's James Landale said the appointment is part of the prime minister's attempts to reconfigure the government to deal with the economic crisis as Mr Mandelson has global experience in trade and finance. "

    Let me see...He's got experience of "forgetting" a loan from a friend when fraudulently filling out a Mortage form and he's got experience of p*****g european tax payers money up the wall......
  12. It has often been said that "he knows where all the dead bodies are buried". He must have something on people in very high places as even Brown must realise that Mandelson is detested by Mr and Ms average Brit.
    Looks like Brown has made up his mind that he definitely doesn't want to win the next general election. The problem is that there are lots of Liabore MPs who hate Mandleson and who want to get in at the next election - hardly a move to consolidate Party loyalty.
    I haven't checked yet but I assume that Mandelson will be "elevated" to the Lords as he is not likely to win a bye-election and definitely not Glenrothes.
    All in all a very divisive character just like his grandfather (who by the way had only one good eye - remind you of anyone?)
  13. maybe they are looking for a Scape Goat....
  14. Dear God! Will nothing or nobody protect and preserve from this dishonest and disgraced government?

    'Elevated' to the House of Lords - (As reformed by T. Bliar.)

    What a farce?

    I much preferred it when God chose the members of the Upper House, not some grubby opportunistic, grinning spiv of a politician!
  15. Whatever people might think or say about him (and I am no fan) he does tend to get things done rather than just talking about it.

    Even if no greater good comes of it, at least all those craven Brownites who have been sniping at him for so long will have to eat sh1t for a while.