Mandelson to become Propaganda Minister

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

  2. Does he get a Dacha in the country with that post and an interpreter so that he can communicate with the down trodden masses...?
  3. "First Secretary'? Sounds like something from the French Revolution.

    It will be guillotines in Trafalgar Square next.
  4. Err, and? Shock horror, minister that's considered to have the best understanding of the media/spin and ability to sell government initiatives to the public put in charge of well... selling government policies to the public. Oh the humanity where will it end! Frankly trying to crassly shoehorn the Nazi comparisons in is just childish and detracts from valid criticism of the government. Linking to a Youtube video with the tags of Nazi and White Pride doesn't do you any favours either.

    Mods, this thread to the hole perhaps?
  5. It gets better on the radio the praising "our brave troops", I would say shove a bayonet up his arse but he might enjoy it.

    This coupled with; the class war agenda; extra benefits and the rabid media bias of the BBC, is really getting a little much. However I suspect this is only the start and as the election draws closer it will get much worse. :cry:
  6. First among equals, comrade.
  7. At least he's taller than the last propanganda man Herr Goebbels
  8. Not a bad idea - as long as arrsers are on the opereating end. :twisted:
  9. This is surely merely substantiating Mandy's acting rank?? :twisted:

    Frankly I say let him have a shot at winning the next General in Glasgow today may leave him less keen to be a publically acknowledged emininence grise come April/May!
  10. 'It gets better on the radio the praising "our brave troops"' - the same Lord Mandelson who recently described 'our brave troops' as chinless wonders? Pots and kettles, Peter, pots and kettles.
  11. Not often does one see a dollop of dog dropping addressed by it's first name.

    (I cannot say 'Christian name' in a thread relating to the human embodiment of the leprous spawn of Hell).

  12. Perhaps you can explain who voted for Mandy then, seeing as you think that this is normal activity
  13. Would someone like to explain to me how a job given by the party is suddenly transformed into a government position.

    Gullible - you lot?