Mandelson to be made a lord

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, Jul 8, 2007.

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  1. HERE
    ... Lord Mandy?
  2. A peerage isn't worth the paper it's written on these days (i.e. a cheque).
  3. Lord Mandy of Hampstead Heath? nudge, nudge, wink, wink :wink:
  4. Damn you beat me to it!

    Baroness Mandy of Hampstead Heath.
  5. J. H. C.
    <shakes head>
  6. Wasn't Mandelson one of those that wanted to abolish the Lords? And waht's the betting Blair will take a peerage .
  7. What is the point of elevating someone to the Lords if they aren't going to work there? The whole point of the House of Lords is that they are supposed to scrutinise the work of the House of Commons and pass on the benefit of their collective experience.

    But this is politics and Mandelson...

    Quite. :twisted:

  8. As per normal with politicians "do as i say not as i do", they want to abolish the Peerage but in the meantime "lets all get our snouts in the trough". Frankly this sort of thing just makes me want to vomit. Mandelson and Prescott both total w*nkers but obviously holding some sort of dirt on B-liar.
  9. Though he was already a queen
  10. When I was younger I saw Animal Farm ( George Orwells version) and thought that there was quite a distinct difference between communist leaders and democratic leaders. As I get older and wiser I realise there is no difference and they are all out for what they can cream off the top.
    Christ i'm becoming cynical.
  11. maybe we can get the french to lop his head off then :twisted:
    vie la revolution :twisted:
  12. No This bent politician recently stated that people had to be governed by set people not who they want (cant remember the excact phrase) can someone else remember what was mentioned.

    Just stunk of 4 legs good 2 better :(
  13. Was out for supper a few years ago in quite a swanky restaurant in Gilford, Co Armagh. There was myself & the wife. The only other people in the restaurant were Mandy & his man wife having a romantic candlelit supper all loved up, & 2 RUC close protection guys trying hard to be invisible and sat drinking cokes. We got talking to them and all four of us agreed that it was morally repugnant to watch them together. We had a very immature hour of guessing who mas mummy & who was daddy and talking about who had choked on his Hon Member et al.

    Suggest he becomes Lord Felch of Brighton
  14. Surely he must be Lord of the Rings :twisted:
  15. :x

    hang them all!!!

    1 its saves the enviroment (no obnoxious gases)
    2 its saves the health service (less old coffin dodgers)
    3 it saves the economy (less expensive wages )

    4 Most important it may save the country!!!!!!

    Two faced ass stabbing fuukers the lot of them !!