Mandelson Spinning again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by re-stilly, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. Mandlebum is blaming the Scum for the Gubment being unpopular over Stan. ( Link

    As much as I hate papers and journos, I thought the current incumbents at Westminster were doing a pretty fine job without them.

    Edited to make Track Link happy :D
  2. Wasn't he playing on the moral high ground, Hissy Fit Mandy, Naughty Tories playing us at our own game with dash it all our old toys.
  3. The Sun used to be New Labours biggest supporter and even they could smell the coffee, Mandelscum is along with Brown, rapidly becoming yesterdays men
  4. You should have said 'Gubment'

    Would have been a full house then...
  5. I heard the Prick this morning and, although he is a highly intelligent person, he always manages to come across as a liar, a spiv and a machiavellian "dark lord"

    I think most of the public agrees with that view and he is making himself more irrelevant day by day - thats a good thing
  6. Fronty

    Fronty Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    That's actually not a bad trait to have. At least when he's no longer in government he'll have a fine career as a panto villain. Unless he's too scary for the kids in the audience.
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I bow to the great JC* on this matter - his comments from his column in The Times** sums it up:

    "I hate Peter Mandelson. I hate his fondness for extremely pale blue jeans and I hate that preposterous moustache he used to sport in the days when he didn’t bother trying to cover up his left-wing fanaticism. I hate the way he quite literally lords it over us even though he’s resigned in disgrace twice, and now holds an important decision-making job for which he was not elected."

    * Jeremy Clarkson, who did you expect?
    * Ah, but it's a piece in The Times, which is owned by Mr Murdoch, who owns The Sun, and Sky, and Fox. Quick nurse, the tin foil hat!
  8. I suppose we could find text that would contradict manhandlbum continuously (the press support us, the press hate us etc), at the end of the day he’s a political wanna be leader throbber, who just wants to be in the lime light, what next, the Polls are wrong
  9. Problem with this lot is that I don't trust any statistics they throw at us anyway, they could say that night was dark and I would still have to go out and check, and while I was out checking something else would have happened that screwed us even more.
  10. Maybe the presenter of Today could have asked Lord Rumba if, as he has a new found love for the armed forces, he still regards the Army as 'full of chinless wonders'. What is nauseating is the number of Liarbour MPs who have dined out for years on stories of how much they hate the armed forces, suddenly having a Damescene conversion and bleating about how much they 'respite and admire our courageous men and women in uniform' in the hope that it might gain them a few votes.

    The words Patriotism, last refuge and scoundrel come to mind.
  11. The burden of his complaint seemed to be that 'the enemy' was the Taliban, not the Government, although The Sun would seem to say otherwise.

    Well, I've always said that the British Army has two enemies, the one in the field - and the MoD. Of the two, the MoD is the most implacable and resourceful.

    Anyway, I thought 'the enemy' was supposed to be Al Qaeda. What happened there? Did we win?