Mandelson - Looking for a cabinet post

Taken from Daily Mail ..

"With the cabinet reshuffle, (Buff)Hoon is desperate for a new posting as EC Commissioner, which could make way for Mandelsons return to Cabinet"

They wouldn't... Would they ? 8O
Whilst I would put nothing past Bliar, the thought of the pansy Mandelson at Defence is gruesome indeed.

However, he can be stubborn and is likely to stand up to Broon, so is therefore unlikely to be appointed as Hoon's successor.
Isn't he the cnut that described the Army as a bunch of chinless wonders in fancy uniforms marching up and down? I wonder what he's got on Bliar that makes him so anxious to keep on bringing him back for yet another go.
Hoon's a disaster, but I think Mandelbum would be worse! :x :x


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I can see Mandleson getting back into the Cabinet soon. He has the shite on Blur, Cherie et al. in one of his little black books, (the other is full of Brazilian Marmite Miners addresses,) and will be putting pressure on them again.

Just one more reason for these gimps to be kicked out soonest.
New Labour translates as, " We show pure and utter contempt for you the electorate, we will do as we please and ignore you totally. Then we shall accept no blame for any arrsehole ideas we have that go wrong."

With all that in mind, watch Madelson come back into the cabinet :evil:

Is this news? Mandelson's been looking for a cabinet post since he drew his first breath and the midwife puked in a bucket!
the only post mandelson deserves is a rusty fence post right up his wrong un , that'll give his brazilian rent boy something to think about. :evil: :x
Perhaps next time he falls from Grace (as he inevitibly will) someone will try burying him at a crossroads, with a stake through him, in a vat of garlic in the middle of a very sunny desert. Perhaps then he'll stay down. :evil:
Mendelson to Arts

Estelle Morris to Europe

Just a guess mind :D


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No PTP, you've spelt it wrong, it should read:

Mandelson to a-s-h-e-s

John Reid if God hates us

Bruce George if he doesn't :D
I can see it being Reid - let's not forget that he is John 'Oh fcuk not Health' Reid, so he's hardly happy in his job.

But then this is supposed to be a minor reshuffle, and shifting your Health Secretary is fairly major.
Hard to believe that Blair has any time for Mandelson with all the rumours (slapped down by D Notice) about paedophile links. I suspect it's actually about something that happened twenty years or so ago, or some lad he thought was 18 but turned out to be 17... Never one to knowingly defend one of the architects of New labour, but 'paedophile', like 'paediatrician', is a word that gets thrown around carelessly sometimes.

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