Mandelson - defective genes?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Balleh, Jan 18, 2009.

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  1. A few years back on a foreign media – RTE - he slagged off British soldiers by calling them chinless wonders and now he bad-mouths British business management by saying there is a defect in its gene pool as he has been unable to find a Brit suitable (or who wants?) to run the Royal Mail.

    It is a pity that advances in reproductive medicine have made it possible to breed from this man.
  2. He is a cnut.Cue ashie who thinks he is the Dogs bollox. I think Mandelson is a bent (in more ways than one) barsteward.
  3. I am sure there are a things we could say against our political Masters, however this is the pot calling the kettle black! Mandleson has already had two sabaticals for dodgy dealing so hopefully he will get his third shortly, good riddance I say.
  4. Mengler " Breeding" now cum on my dear sir.
    Mind you I suppose the 'Brazilian Dancer' has deep penetrating views on the subject.
  5. And he is a raging brazilian bonking POOF
  6. If I remember rightly, Andy Pandy took a trip to Calais in protest against the marriage/engagement of Charles and Diana. He took a load of fellow Farriers with him. After all, a Farrier always needs an iron hoof or two to nail.
  7. Now, now dear Peeps, our freind, Tony's friend and Gollum's friend is such a nice lad, after all, he must have been useful to somebody to have been elevated to the Peerage'.

    Just beause he has a different life style to others, we must make allowances for those who beleive themselves to be 'Special and Different' from all the other Peasants out there......

    He was, according to an entry on 'Wikipedia', a member of the Young Communist League and the British Communist Party when he was young (allegedly), stupid (maybe, allegedly), and a had a falling out with the Trotsky Militant Tendancy. He also might have been a mate of Arffur Scargill.... (allegedly).

    S'funny how many fo the current Labour hierachy were card carrying memebrs of the Communist Party when they were students.... But then that would have been good training for Mandelson when he evenutally became one of the Kommizzars of these here Bureucratic Soviet States of the Euroland.....

    Funny how they always end up with shed loads of dosh... No paupers amongst these Champange Socialists.... 8O :lol:
  8. Ha! A thread on Pete and I get a mention. There's a surprise.
  9. Mandy is a woopsie & a queer. He is a Morally wrong. I don't trust folk who are immoral.
  10. Why surprise? You like him :D
  11. As ever, yer good ol' ARRSEpedia pulls no punches. The perfect antidote to his 'proper' wikipedia page.
  12. Half the trouble is Mr Brown doesn't give a rats arse what the population of this country thinks.
    As he knows what is best for us and doesn't care if we know it or not he has no issue bringing Mandelson back into the cabinet despite being proven to be entirely dishonest and corrupt (a bit like Mr Brown himself)
    Guess what? We are stuck with the whole bunch of corrupt, thieving liars for at least another year and not a damned thing we can do about it.
    By the time Brown and Mandleson are ousted in favour of the equally self serving Tories this country will be so far in the shite it will never dig itself out.
  13. I like the story that during a visit to his constituancy(sp?) Oop North somewhere,he was so keen to be seen as one of the people,he bravely entered a fish and chip shop.Having ordered his fish supper,he then asked for some of the "avocado dip" It was in fact,a bowl of mushy peas.
  14. what a tool :D

    how dare he not know the difference!!
  15. I don't know about his 'defective genes', but he is, and I hate saying this, an effective speaker. (Affected too I reckon).

    Listening to him talking on the wireless (radio, tuner) is like listening to oil and syrup speaking. It takes no imagination to understand how some, normally sensible and intelligent, people are taken in by his 'style'.

    However, if one listens carefully to his 'speeches' by means of a recording thereof, invariably he actually says NOTHING! Nothing at all, nothing whatsoever.

    As the facile twerp Bliar had nothing of importance to say, yet managed to hog the aural media for years, it is no surprise that his 'best friend', Lord Rumba of Rio, is equally adept at verbally expressing and at considerable length, the square root of b*gger all!