Mandelscum Says, Yes to AV could finish Cammeron

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jonwilly, Apr 27, 2011.

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  1. Mandelson: Yes To AV Could Finish Cameron

    3:54pm UK, Tuesday April 26, 2011
    Lord Mandelson has urged Labour supporters to vote for the Alternative Vote system to create trouble for David Cameron.

    The former business secretary suggested that a win for the Yes to AV campaign in the referendum next month could finish Mr Cameron’s premiership.

    Speaking to Sky News, he also disagreed with other Labour heavyweights - insisting AV would make MPs work harder and would not help extremist parties.

    Cameroon or Shameroon can offski any time for me, apart from what I believe will happen
    A Labour Administration led by Balls.
  2. Oh God! What an awful prospect.
  3. Could be worse. Wait til Mandels*n introduces the "President for Life" bill, the first chance he gets...
  4. Mandlescums talking out of his arse. Why would it topple Cameron? I'd be extremely surprised if any of the Tory big beasts who could feasibly take over would risk coming out against him openly over AV when if half of the things we're being warned about the EU bailouts (and the UK paying for them) come to pass that would give them a far bigger stick to hit him with as well as to rally the right wing Conservatives against him.
  5. The kiss of death for AV.

  6. Cameron is one of the 'New' breed of Professional Politicians.
    I had never heard of him till he was the new leader of Conservative Party.
    I said back then he was from the wrong background, Eaton/Oxford to lead in this day and age.
    He professed to be anti Euro and gave all the right answers until elected, well almost, if he had been that little bit more Pro Brit and anti Euro I am convinced he would have won a majority following one of the most disgraceful Labour Governments UK has seen.
    He is now stuck withe the Lib Dems in the LibCon administration.
    It can't last.
    Cameron was chosen because he comes across well on TV, the most important "media' for reaching the voter.
    He slays the opposition at PM's question time, just watch today's edition.
    But he is now not strong against Europe or immigration or Law and order.
    AS for defence I will not lecture the board.
    He is an Asshole Grade 1.
    Balls who I detest with a vengeance is the Unions choice and will be leader when Labour returns to power, Ed Milliband is just their Mug to keep Big Brother out until Ed Balls and his misses can assume the throne.

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  7. Ahem I'll give it 4 years. That should be enough time. Then as Mervyn King said "Anyone who's in government during this crisis will be unelectable for the next....." If you catch my drift.
  8. I genuinely will lose the last of my lingering faith in the British general public when Labour are no doubt voted in on a landslide with promises of puppies and ice cream for all after five years of the nasty Tories, though if the Lib Dems implode after getting a beating at the local elections as expected we could end up with another general election alot sooner.
  9. I made my mind up last year that I would stay offshore. I still vote and pay some taxes of course, but I get depressed when I see what the UK has become and want to be happy in the few years remaining to me.
  10. Front page of The Times is saying that over half of Labour MPs are looking to vote against AV.

    The Times | UK News, World News and Opinion

    So now looks that if anyones getting binned over AV it might well be Ed 'I'd stab my brother for airmiles' Miliband :)
  11. "Mervyn King said "Anyone who's in government during this crisis will be unelectable for the next....." If you catch my drift."

    Quite agree.

    After 79, who would ever have thought Labour could be back in Power ?
  12. Labour are about to lose in Jockland and the AV vote will be a resounding NO. The only person likely to see the door is 'willow the lisp' Ed, AKA Capt. Back-stabber. Unfortunately he will be replaced by another medal winning lisper - Ed 'Living in Denial' Balls.

    One consolation is the UK doesn't have to suffer a ginger bogan PM who takes a hairdresser to meet the future global powerhouse. That award goes to Aus.
  13. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I was undecided about AV, but having read up on it, have made my decision to vote NO. Reasons:

    1. It will lead to PR, sure as eggs is eggs, and that means LibDems permanently in Government. Ugh. (I am old enough to remember voting for a 'Common Market' that would be entirely about Free Trade - and look where that lead).
    2. This means Vince Cable permanently in a position of power! (Think of a Government formed of loads of "Whet"s.....)
    3. PR is meant to 'keep out' extremists. I don't see any in Parliament now - but do in countries with PR (Hitler got elected under PR)
    4. The clincher - Mandelson is in favour.

    - Anyone who has seen the effects of LibDems on Local Government will vote no!
  14. Agreeing 100% with a MOD should earn me a brownie point or four even.

    Agreed 100% with points 1 to 3 above and 1000% with point 4. Mr. Mandelson joins in when he is no longer required to garner a single vote He is an objectionable man!

    When the farce that it the current House of So-Called Lords is reformed, then the smegma that is Mandelson will hopefully disappear for ever.
  15. "When the farce that it the current House of So-Called Lords is reformed, then the smegma that is Mandelson will hopefully disappear for ever."

    A Loyalist, but I do believe that the 'Second/Upper/Other' House must be 100% Elected.
    Zero placemen.
    The present inhabitants must go without recompense, they have had their snoughts in the trough for too long.
    All must revert to Mr, Mrs or whatever.
    HM's children may remain Prince/Princess but their offspring kick off as Master, Miss and no other titles.
    A Constitutional Monarchy is preferable to President Blair/Balls and though may the heavens open and destroy me, Maggie.