Mandatory testing


Can anyone point me to the regulations that talk about Mandatory Testing?

My exact question is "What subjects constitute "mandatory" and which ones are "nice to haves"?

Obviously safeguarding etc is mandatory, but is WHT and so on.

WHT would be if you intended to handle a weapon
annual revision and testing on CTSP
Safeguarding annually
Responsible for information general user

See AC 14233 part 4.3
You might find that your Commandant starts to add other qualifiers to meet the ACF challenge targets which despite assurance from RC is not about grading ACFs against each other clearly does.
Not a good OJAR for him if your county is in special measures.


WHT (on the L98A2) is sort of mandatory unless the individual is granted an exemption. Mandatory in the sense that it is one of the stats reported on at brigade level and you strongly encouraged to take the test, but not having one doesn't mean you can't train cadets (less areas where you are using or supervising the use of the weapon).


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As is the Red book, there are four subjects
Safeguarding (annually)
Protecting Information (annually)
Redbook test (annually)
WHT GP Rifle (6 months) But you must also be in date with a weapon if you are RCO or SAAI and instructing on that weapon.

There are other stuff expected of you, depending on your role....

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