Mancunians claim continued Tevez presence " a provocation "

A spokesman for Manchester today claimed that the presence of an Argentine footballer , who doesn't actually play football , in the northern town is a "provocation and an affront to UK sovereignty " and have demanded his removal.
"Everyone knows that football was invented in England in the late Middle Ages , and that Argentina only took up the game when it was introduced to Buenos Aires by British sailors in the 1890's . Argentina has no right to dump redundant footballers on Manchester "
Argentina responded by stating that the medieval footballers were in fact itinerant Italian stonemasons , whose descendants then settled in Argentina , thus giving them the God given right to do whatever they pleased , including scoring goals by hand . "We will not be dictated to by those FA usurpers" said an Argentine spokesman. " Manchester is part of Argentina , it is within our 9,000 mile sphere of football interest , and the UK claim is groundless "
Meanwhile in Somerset , the badger cull continues......
I say to hell with it!! give the Argies Manchester to keep them quiet!! it's not as if it's any use to us, fully of in-bred "bennies". Hoenstly though how much of an impact would it have on my life if Manchester became Argentinian?? absolutly none!! What use is it?? and if they fill it full of foreign immigrants, then hey!!! no change there then!! It's not as if the footbal teams thre are any good anyhoo!!

(Dug in awaiting Mancunian over-reactive flashback!!!)

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