Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vespa, Mar 26, 2003.

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  1. just saw a news item about a mancunian who traveled all the way to fight for saddam only to have no stomach for a fight  :mad:, funny how those fanatics are mouthy about islamic martyrs and when it came to it they dont want to die ! 2 faced cowards and worse he has the temerity to slag off the UK soldiers knowing they wont hurt him  :mad: :mad:............if i had my way i would wait till the press has gone away then i would take him to one side and "teach" him "islamic" humility, then slot him claiing " he charged at me ! so i had to shoot him "  :D ;)
  2. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    See, I told you the Mancs were dodgy!
  3. You sure he was a Manc?  I've seen more Man U strips in Iraq than Iraqi soldiers.
  4. Should fit in well with the rest of Old Trafford then! ;D

    "How do you rob a Man U Fan?"

    "Well you wait until he's driven up from London............"
  5. A (semi) serious question here.  What legally constitutes treason?
    Surely it cannot be a U.K. citizen or subject taking up arms against the recognised armed forces of the state.  The punishment for that is a severly reduced jail sentence, veneration by large sections of the local community, followed by election to local council, with the possibility of elevation and election to M.P. for the local area.  Could never see this happening in a country committed to a war against terror.  Mind you........ :(
    Back to my original question though, does anybody actually know if this boy is liable for prosecution?
  6. At least if he is over there, he won't be signing on the dole here like most other Mancs- or will he get someone else to it for him?  Just imagine the headline in the sun.  "WELFARE SCANDAL FUNDS SADDAM WAR EFFORT"
  7. Weird situation for the guy to be fair ???..
    The country you're living in attacking your homeland.
    The guy at least got his arsse onto a plane and went 'home'.....probably he felt he had to do 'something'.
    He is probably very torn..with family and loyalties in both's a bizarre situation for him.. after all a choice between Manchester or Baghdad who wouldn't be confused  :p
    ha ha ha  ;D ;D
  8. bint ,i mite have agreed with u but for some aspect he is arrogant and disrespects our troops and said he will be claimig benefits which means he has nothing but contempt for UK , i reckon we should revoke his UK citizenship and strand him in iraq
  9. msr

    msr LE

    "after all a choice between Manchester or Baghdad who wouldn't be confused"

    One is full of lawless brigands, sporadic gunfire and populated by thousands of people living cheek-by-jowl in pitiful squalor and the other prone to sand-storms.

  10. This REALLY makes my blood boil.........   :mad:  Don't be too sure that this bloke isn't STILL claiming benefits whilst away.  I'm sure he'll have someone else claiming on his behalf.  As for leaving this great City to fight with his Iraqi brothers, it's time now for the Labour Government to put the boot into these pisss taking basta*ds and revoke his citizenship.  I wouldn't even bother bringing him back here for a trial as it will cost the tax payer 1000's.  Leave him over there to rot, and then he can see the difference between comfortable western living in Manchester.  Pisss taking, ******* wannker.  The Irish Guards should have just taken him around the back of a Warrior and slotted him.  
  11. "The man believed to be in his mid twenties...was captured near Basra on Sunday...Army officers said that he taunted British soldiers, telling them that he intended to live on benefits when he returns to Britain...Coporal X an infantryman with the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards battle group said, "he was being very arrogant and offensive, swearing at everyone, he said that he had come out here to fight against coalition forces because he didn't belive in what we were doing.  But when it came to it he didn't fight properly at all, he just surrendered.  He was a coward."  Corporal X who is also from Manchester continued. " He told us that he was originally from Iraq but had emigrated to Britain with his family and had British citizenship....He was calling us mugs.  I think he should be shot and hung"  (Taken from The Times today).
    If I was Cpl X I would be droping a line to mates back in the UK with this individuals name.
    That aside this obviously has extremely worrying consequences for race relations in the UK.  I can imagine the potential knee jeck reaction to this discovery but I imagine that it was only inveitable as time went on.
  12. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Lets say I'm as Brit a citizen as all of you but chose to live a different life in say France, because - pretend - I like the quality of life there more and ofcourse the generous social payments to be received there.  Then one day France invaded England (with the silent approval of Wales and Scotland I'll assume).  Obviously I'd jump in a plane and travel back to London to defend against the French imperialist invaders.  Good lad you say, but the Froggies would obviously not.

    Understand therefore the view from the otherside....  'tis all I'm saying...

    PS.  Be grateful he went out there to 'fight' rather than becoming a terrorist hitting soft targets in the UK.
  13. This Manc Iraqi is really taking the p*ss. I'm no lawyer (thank God) but if he is a British citizen then he should be brought back here and put on trial for treason at the very least (lord Haw Haw was technically an Irish citizen but we still hung him for collaborating with the germans).

    I'm sure that this individual didn't get to Iraq by himself, hopefully Special Branch in Manchester and spook colleagues will be looking into his friends and family.

    The dumping him in Iraq option may sound good, but what will be even better would be for the CO RSDG to convene a drumhead Court Martial whilst the RSM has a big thick wooden post hammered into the sand and a circular heart sized piecie of paper with functional safety pin prepared.....
  14. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    So he is guilty of Treachery at least.

    If he holds a valid UK passport he is possibly guilty of treason.

    I don't beleive he can be executed anymore but a hefty prison sentence is coming his way.

    Further reading available here
  15. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    according to my GCSE qualifications, the death penalty can still be handed down, treason is one of those.