Mancs bite the dust

:D :D :D made my day :D :D :D
Collydog said:
Morning!! Have I drawn attention to myself? :roll:
Yes. Now feck off and die.
Gunny Highway said:
Collydog, is this a dig at Man Utd fans, or Northerner's as a whole?
Agreed, as A. Manchester United is only Mancunian in name and location (ok Greater Mancunian in location for all you blues :roll:) B. How many Mancunians play for United......

If its a dig against northerners, well thats just plain stupid :twisted:


QMan9193 said:
I agree, my post was just to let the Manc fans in Milton Keynes know they got robbed in the last minute by Porto last night.
Glad you clarified that you fat biff.

The rotund stores wallah is right to enjoy his moment of schadenfreude. Truly we did get panned by a theoretically inferior side. Life goes on.
Porto are a reasonable team. They were far better last season when they managed to scrape by the mighty Celtic to win the UEFA cup.

BUT...Paul Scholes was never offside, despite being a gwar.
Mighty (and honorary) Cockney Heroes - 2 (count em) 2
Celtadago - a big fat nada :D

Hope Dennis is all right, typical damn dirty foreigner high "tackle" , denying us a 3rd in the onion bag

Le Flash Noir
="manchestermonkeyB. How many Mancunians play for United......
The Nevilles, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt...

How many Arrses play for Arsenal? How many Englishmen play for Chelski, the first Premiership side to field an entire team of Foreign Johnnies?

Robbed, bloody robbed.....
Campbell, Bentley, Parlour, Cole, Keown have or will play for England at some time.

............don't forget that Manewe have had a few froggies play for them in there time, a certain Mr Cantona springs to mind (his flying kick and dig at that Palace fan is still funny as fcuk)
HLS said:
Campbell, Bentley, Parlour, Cole, Keown have or will play for England at some time.

I am sure that there are more Arrses there. ( Top tip - RTFQ - read the question. )

By the way, would that be playing for England at footie or freestyle bitch slapping?

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