Manchester United given £30k lottery money.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FNUSNU, Apr 23, 2006.

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  1. When I heard this news I was nearly sick. The second richest club in the world is taking money from starving children, community projects and a plethera of other charities. Since when has Manchester United been a charity?

    Found this on the BBC website have your say:

    "There is something fundementally wrong for Man. Utd. to even be considered for funding when a mountain rescue team is refused because they did not rescue enough ethnic minorities."

    What a total mockery.
  2. Maybe its for improving reading and writing skills amongst the players.........
  3. Funny one on ITV news the other day, when they were talking about that fairer lottery, about how the battle of britain memorial fund was denied money from the lottery because they classed it not an integral part of our heritage, but £20K went to teaching prisoners how to play the xylophone.

  4. This Man Utd controversy pales a bit alongside the £13.25m the Churchill family received when one of the first 'good causes' grants was made, mostly in lottery money for the sale of his papers to the nation. And this after the family had already made £6m through publishing deals. Still, his grandson got the opportunity to buy a house in Belgravia for £1.5m, so he didn't end up homeless. I stand to be corrected as usual - did they give any or all of it back at some point?
  5. So the Churchills should have allowed the papers to go to the US?

    Mais non.
  6. Combat Stress doesn't qualify nor does St Dunstans but football clubs, queers, tarts, junkies and many many various bogus asylum seeker groups do, f*ck the lottery.
  7. Well that sounds about right King Nothing. When it comes to giving money to things like The Battle Of Britain memorial fund , money to widows to go and see their husbands graves over seas , or even just to keep our old folk warm in the winter Feck no why do that when we can spend money on pi$h that has absolutely no direct beneficial effect on any communities in our 4 great nations that make up the UK.

    Why do that when we can spend money on this shoite

    Lets sort out ourselves first, then worry about the rest of the world who couldn’t really give a shit about us if the tables were turned … £72 million ffs
  8. In my opinion, yes. They shouldn't have been allowed to turn them into a cash cow and then hold us to ransom
  9. How about looking after disadvantaged communities in the UK, the third world gets billions and billions of dollars in AID already. It's about time the parasitic third world started looking after it's own. F*ck em.
  10. I can remember reading, About injured soldiers having to wait for treatment .
    they were advised to pay private .

    The money (£30,000) which as been approved for Man utd, I think is totally unaceptable and should be used for people who really need help.

    It is the public who play the lottery each week, And us the public should have some say in where we want the money to be distributed .
  11. Look we're in several hundred million £££s worth of debt now courtesy of Glazer, have a heart...
  12. Totally wrong to give it to a football club , that amount of money would have paid for Cherie Blairs hairdresser for just over three months .
  13. Taz my heart bleeds purple piss for you! lol
    Count yourself lucky will yer cos the Hammers ended up selling all our good players to Chelski/Spurs etc after we went down.
    Lampard,Cole,DiCanio,Kanoute,Defoe,David James (yeah ok I know I'm stretching it a bit there!)....not a bad side I reckon!!
    Mind you it wasn't all bad as we did get Repka and Scaloni lol
  14. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Hope it doesn't go to pay off the fat scouser's betting debts!