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Nice to see that the squatters have returned to the bindips with the tail between their legs.

Maybe this result will keep the obsessive CAARPS away for a few days too. Saying that, I think he is a closet united fan

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Honey I’m home ^~
Did you see any of your club legends spitting on anyone on your way here?

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A few days late. Nice to see him get his confidence back though. Bless his little cotten socks

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My absence and my thoughts on the stupid tw*t are well documented, seek and ye shall find.

Now what was that about lesser teams raising their game when the big clubs come to town ^~
A day after the event was that?

I think I said that teams can get lethargic off the back of an easy game. Wished we'd played a bigger team like stoke to get us in the mood ;-)

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From the moment that side walked out with Fraudfallover in the starting 11 I knew it would be a cluster-****. It was.

Out-played, by sitting back; Mou at his managerial best. Utter, UTTER embarrassment.

Rio and Scholes hit it on the head in their post match comments, but the one unforgivable is the players showed no passion or desire.

And Mou weirdly says post match that we pressed from the get-go! Ok, one could say that he is protecting the players, but any Cyclops who watched the game could see the exact opposite.

Time for change. Bring back the players wearing suits with the proper club great badge, not the little silver crest as is post Mou and bring in a manager like Poch with attack minded football. By ****, we were pretty shite in the late 70's/80's but the cavalier football made up for it.

Knocked out by Seville, you really could not make it up if you tried.
Out of that shambles last night, I'm still amazed that Fellaini seemed to be trying. he had two shots on goal, which was more than anyone else managed and was definitely putting himself about.

De Gea looked genuinely deflated and stunned at the rest of the team. Bailly was trying hard too (and managed to NOT score an own goal, which was an improvement). Sanchez bombed around the pitch to 0 avail and I'm starting to really wonder why we brought him over when we could have just sold Mkhitaryan. He's got great pace and trickery, but most of his runs end up with either a misplaced pass or him getting bundled over.

Lingard was virtually invisible, Rashford (off the back of a brace against Liverpool) should have been buzzing, but he was misplaced in the formation and that neutered his game completely. Lukaku had a couple of decent moments and showed strength, but missed chances.

Pogba was dire last night and Mourinho should dock his wages for turning up to work shit. The rest of the team were just below "ok" Ally McCoist said that if Keane had still been in the side, Pogba would have been grabbed by the scruff of the neck and sorted out. This sums up the problem with United. They lack a true Captain. Carrick is the Club Captain but he's barely playing and retiring, Valencia is stuck at right back most of the time. They need a captain in midfield who can bellow at the whole team and get them shifted. Someone with the experience and personality to get them motivated. Looking at that squad...i cannot see ANYONE who fills that role.
Well I'm not saying that Jose should go, far from it but it should be well worth remembering the late Dave Sexton. He won his last seven (I think that's right) games with Utd and we finished a close second to some team who talked funny.
I think we may well have gone on and won the league the next season but Sexton was sacked. Why? Style of play, nothing more just that the board and the fans found that the style of play wasn't entertaining enough. Can you imagine that today? I suppose LVG springs to mind after winning the cup, so Jose a few more episodes like that and if we're not doing a city next season you better beware.
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There are unfortunately too many square pegs in round holes and Jose got found out last night - irrespective of the "effort/attitude" that the team put in.

We actually started off OK for the first 5 or so, but then two things happened. Firstly we started giving the ball away through sloppy attitude, primarily Mr Sanchez, which encouraged Seville back into the game. Once they got into the game their ability to move the ball quickly - and accurately - through the mid started causing problems. The reason they were able to do that was because big Felli and Matic could not get close enough to their players, they're just not mobile enough - something that was fairly obviously going to need a high-tempo midfield having seen the first leg.

The square peg in round hole bits are :

1. Sanchez is struggling atm. He was actually better in his work last night than against the dippers on Saturday, but he's clearly not right and shoehorning him in is hurting the team. Not to say he's a bad player - he's clearly not - but right now he's not worth his place. JM is going to have to accept that fact.

2. When you need a high-tempo midfield you need players who are mobile and will chase, track and get there quickly. Big Felli is never that at the best of times and definitely not after only twenty minutes as a sub this year. He didn't seem to know where to play and the rest of the team didn't seem to know whether he was to have it lumped up to him or what. Why big up McTomblyboo on Saturday - who is mobile - and then leave him on the bench? Definitely strange.

3. Pogba - somethings up. Did some good things last night, but all at lowish tempo, strolling around - and less said about passing into touch the better. Needs a kick up the arrse ala Keano.

Positives - Lukaku battled well all game. Lingard linked well but faded, although why he was hooked and not Sanchez is beyond me. Rashers did some good things, but needs to be played in a settled pos (not moved for Sanchez atm) and definitely needs to practise his free-kicks and corners.

Negatives - the whole tempo was affected by lack of mobility in the mid. That's JMs "choice" and he has to find a way to fix it.
I'm still not convinced McT is the future for our midfield, yet. He has had some pretty ineffective performances, Palace being the most recent. That said, the potential is there and he is going to get plenty of game time given our current injury problems. I can see him being a very useful back up player for the next few years.
He's ******* shite
High praise indeed!

'Carrick: McTominay a 'shining example''

Manchester United's Michael Carrick says Scott McTominay is a 'shining example'

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He's ******* ****, just like Carrick

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