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This Sevilla team are really poor. If we'd gone for them the off, this team would have folded

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The question needs to be asked WHY DIDNT WE? I'm fecked if I know the answer, we came into this game confidence with high a great victory over Liverpool the players should have been well prepared and raring to go against this lot. The fastest I saw Valencia run tonight was when he was subbed.
Has to be at least 6 mins

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Thank god that's over. Worse performance this season!
Its not so much a performance of mistakes, just one of apathy and sluggishness by the players. Crap team selection by the manager too.

Don't mind going out to a big Barca, or a smaller team like Seville, but I can't stand stuff like this. You can't even call it spineless or clueless - that was just lifeless.

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******* Shit performance all around, and that's saying something when you think back on some of the shit performances we've turned out this season.

I am almost positive that Mourinho just wants top 4 this season and that's it. He's given up on any aspirations of anything else.
Jose and team owe the fans the FA Cup after that.

Chances of us winning the European cup were slim, but going out like that is just crap. Too many performances similar to that this season has cost us the league and a shot st the league cup too

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