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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Armed_and_dangerous, Sep 1, 2006.

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  1. Thought it was about time that we had a man utd thread to discuss all things manchester united!
    P.S I hate the gooners, the blues, and the scousers!
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  2. So which part of Kent are you from A&D.
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  3. What's the point - most of 'em can't read! :p
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  4. One thing,your hated most than any other team on the planet.F**king MANURE

    I put a bet on that Rooney would do jail time before he's 30,bookies gave me odds of 1/10.

    Real Madrid bought Nistolroy for his ability to F**KING CHEAT.

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  5. Not that any Arsenal player would do such a thing eh easy?..........(ask any pompy fan)
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  6. Must be difficult for most Manure fans anyway, with so far to travel just for the home games
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  7. RVN very nearly did you out of a England leftback with a cynical challenge that was beyond belief.

    Sniffer you can't shout about cheating neither if it comes to that.

    My excuse is I have always and will always hate with a passion anything Manchester United,no excuses just hate them more than the nothing team north of us.I reserve the right to slag them to my hearts content,and have no problems receiving it from them.Any team that includes T.Sheringham as one of their all time greats has to be slagged.

    Come on ARSENAL
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  8. In Michael Ballack you've just bought one of the biggest cheats in the European game, and he's not likely to get any better after coming to the Premiership. Pot Kettle Black.
  9. I think you miss typed was it ment to read

    No ??!!
  10. He scored in the champions league final, when United won
  11. At least they travel. Your lot couldn't even be bothered to make their way to Cardiff for the Charity Shield....
  12. Being a Bolton Wanderers fan (incoming?), I've had to spit at my monitor in disgust at reading this thread. It's not even got anything to do with football, it's a geography thing.
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  13. That is a fare comment - as for Ballack, lets wait and see. You are right that he liked a dive in the Bundersleague, but lets see if he changes his ways
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  14. The Premiership is harder and faster than the Bundesliga. If he can't stay on his feet in Germany, what are the chances of him changing his ways now?
  15. Dogs Bollak has rid of his prettyboy gaylord locks so things are looking up at least.