Manchester Uni attempts to Ban the Military

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by theprior, Apr 24, 2008.

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  1. What a complete bunch of cunts!

    Makes me fucking ashamed to be a student! (Not that I wasn't already ashamed to be a soap-dodger :D ).

    They really do need a swift kick up the arrse.
  2. Fcuk it. Let them - They stink anyway and are spineless idle cnuts. There are plenty more potential Rupert ponds to fish!
  3. In the event of any attack on Iran, to mobilise students to take whatever action is necessary to halt the
    attack. Including occupations, demonstrations, teach-ins and direct action.

    From the debate notes...does that mean violence by any chance? What a bunch of cnuts, makes you a ashamed to be a student.
  4. Was it accepted?
  5. Let them pass their meaningless self important motions, doesn't mean fcuk all. They'll be banning crime next.
  6. Motion is set for Wednesday...PBI although they're not important outside of Universities it would set a precedent and would stop OTC URNU and UAS from recruiting...
  7. Fock them thats probably your 'art students' all vicious communists anyway, they dont live in the real world spend most off their time smoking weed and taking bolloxs pictures of nothing. Manchester has an OTC so that would be interesting if they passed that, what would happen to it?

    It does make you feel ashamed for being a student
  8. 3 Points they 'Resolve'.....

    5. To ban the military of any country from union premises, and from all Freshers and careers fairs, and other similar events. - Should this not be decided by staff ??? Wonder if they would maintain that ban if 'terrorists' or Freedom Fighters as they would call them siezed a group of students hostage???

    6. To do everything possible to support and publicise the campaign against military recruitment on our campuses - They can do this due to freedoms fought and paid for in blood by those same Soldiers they 'despise' although where is the democracy when they will do all they can not to let Recruiters have their say???

    7. To steadfastly defend Students’ Unions democratic right to oppose the military in cases such as that of UCL where cliques manoeuvre to try and overturn the democratic will of the students. - Fine but I dont see them flying to Tibet to support Students there and they seemed very quiet over Tianamen Square.....
  9. What would these cretins say if when the forces were told to intervine somewhere against a nasty dictator, such as a Mr Bush or a similar cause that they, the stoodents, supported, the forces turned around and said no, we won't?
  10. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    I remember when the twin towers got hit. Next morning me and both my flat mates had horror of horrors a 0900 lecture. Having said that we ALL did at least 4 days a week (best time to go into uni. Most of the soap dodging cnuts are still in bed). This time however at 0815 right outside the union building there were about a douzen lined up getting signatures on a petiton "Don't attack Afganistan". They had even got T-shirts printed.

    Needless to say we fcucked them off. I was the least military of us 3 and I had joined the RMR the week before.

    A couple of years later the Stop the War coalition was trying to get support for the big daft march in London before Gulf 2. I decided to write a contribution on their banner when they asked me. Good job now of them checked because they would have had a sense of humour failure with "Peace through supperior firepower"
  11. Manchester Uni has always been a hot bed of half baked left wing political ideas,ignore them,6 months after leaving uni,most of the SU kiddies will have forgotten it all and get back to whatever political ideas are expedient at the time
  12. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Hands up everyone who gives a rats about what happens in Manchester?

    Or, B) around students?

    Thought not.

    Soap Dodger eh? Heh. You want to go about 80 miles North, hook a left, cross some water, swim ashore and ask to meet some proper soap dodgers.

    Ask them what they did for their dissertation.
  13. Spinless c unts obviously have no appreciation for human life and the sacrifices people make abroad and within britain intellagence to keep them safe.

    I was getting drunk the other night at my friends' student flat, I was talking to 2 off his friends who were wanting to join the TA (I managed to sway them to the Engineers) and I was rudely interupted by a student girl who asked me to justify my time served in Afghanistan. I couldn't believe how someone could be so un-supportive and be so ignorant to the sacrifices that myself, and every other man does, and continues to do so out there.
  14. While I take your point, what about the precedent? Will other unis follow suit and what does that mean for recruitment?? Also, I'll bite and say I imagine the army cares a good deal about students, given we're the next lot to go through the Big Green Machine...