Manchester Tutankhamun Exhibition

The exhibition seems to be of high-quality replicas, looks OK, but maybe it would be worth combining with a trip to a local museum to see some original artifacts before we decide to send them back to Egypt. And you might spot a suitable Christmas present for your daughters in the shop.

Certainly safer than visiting the country (do they still drive up the motorway at night with their lights off?) I take your point about getting sick, but would add in Egypt's defence that my own 7 week dose of the runs there was thanks to the Air France in-flight meal.
Went to see it on Monday....... fabulous.

They show a couple of short films, then you enter a darkened room with 3 waist high enclosures representing the 3 chambers, with all the treasures piled up as they were found.

As part of the deal you get an audio guide, setting it off as you go.

Then into a huge well lit room, where you start off with the outer shrine, a wooden box about the size of a shipping container, gilded and covered in inscribed heiroglyphics and figures of gods.

There are 4 in all, each one fitting inside the next when they uncovered the tomb, now lined up down the hall.

Next is the stone sarcophagus, then on a platform, is a large wooden coffin, gilded and covered in decoration, then a smaller one and finally the lid and opened final gold coffin, everything is the highest quality of workmanship.

The beauty of the replicas is that you can get right up to them to admire the fantastic detail, and walk around each exhibit.

Off to one side are other platforms with the rest of the finds.

We got a deal with Premier Inns, £120 for a double room, 3 course dinner, all you can eat breakfast, and tickets for the exhibition.

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