Manchester to get super casino

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brettarider, Jan 30, 2007.

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  1. Looks like MDN and the donkey lashers have lost out which is a shame Blackpool's on it's arse and seriously needs something like this to help regenerate the town. Not having much luck at the moment never got the city status the other year now this. Nice to see that Jabba's mate also lost out and someone's had the sense to realize there's life outside the M25

  2. I live in Blackpool...gutted to say the least.
  3. I'll bet mate I wonder what the reason is behind it so much for sharing the wealth around Manchester has had a fair old whack of cash put into it of late. No doubt the crime gangs in the city will be rubbing their mits at the thought of trying to rip it off
  4. I'm not.....

    Move to Poulton le Fylde or Wrea Green and steer clear of the pikeys :D
  5. Wrea green is that were the lashers go for their summer hols? nice pub by the village green though
  6. No real surprise that Blackpool didn't get it is it? I have family in Blackpool and frankly I hate the place. It's dirty, full of chavs and rip off merchants. Blackpool has done nothing to help itself over the last few years. It has traded on past times, and now is a Mong Magnet of the highest quality as can been seen everytime there is a Stag or Hen party drunkenly making their way up the prom or Central Drive.
    If I was going to spend my hard earned cash in a casino I'd certainly want it to be somewhere nicer than fcuking Blackpool!
    Well done to Manchester. Some have questioned why, when Manchester has undergone much regeneration already and didn't really need the boost, but to be fair it just goes to show that help goes to those that help themselves and don't just rely on handouts etc.
    Frankly I think it serves the Blackpool council right for putting all their eggs in the one basket for the last few years!
  7. Hmm what other hope was there... "Costa del Mong" isn't really a winning branding strategy is it?

    "Come to Blackpool - it's Shite!

    Lots of rain!
    Manky guesthouses!
    Hordes of mingers!

    Costa del Mong - it's closer than you think!"
  8. Your right in what your saying but to get the money into a place like Blackpool you need to have a project like this to kick start it unless someone makes a bold investment no one will be willing to take a risk. Manchester got started with the Money given after the bomb blast, Liverpool due to the Albert dock etc being regenerated. It takes a pivotal point for the investment to happen. Same here I live on the outskirts of Preston been going on about the Tithebarn Regen program in the city center worth £500 million for years still not happened.
  9. Your point is well taken, but Blackpool has no-one to blame but itself. Years of councils skimming off the cream and putting nothing back into the community. More years of forever raising business rates to the few buisnesses that are still trading, and so putting more into bankruptcy. An attitude to the visitor that sometimes just beggars belief. Not all projects have to cost billions, start small and just start by putting money into proper and effective policing, getting rid of the drunken louts and not tolerating the drug problems in the area. Make it safe, make it so that families feel that they can bring their kids to the Pleasure Beach and the other attractions without them being faced with urine in every doorway, drunks outside every pub, screeching chavvettes and brawling chavs outside the profusion of lap dancing bars, then things will start to follow. Private investment will come into the area if they feel that they can make money....that's how regeneration starts...not spending money on things that might not just come your way. Do some forward thinking and planning, stop just hoping for the best.
    I think Preston has other problems though...I'll agree with you there!
  10. then i predict there will in a few years be a lot fewer crime gangs in Manc. casinos are possibly one of the hardest marks to hit there is, provided they have a half decent security contingent.
  11. Wonder if ol' Johnny boy Prescott will have to hand back his stetson and cowboy boots?

    It's a good job he didn't receive any huge wads of cash in a brown envelope as a sweetener / incentive for using his influence to swing it for the Greenwich / Millennium dome bid...
  12. Your right on that doing a casino is VV hard but it's not going to stop them trying or screwing over punters cars etc as they leave or even more organized gangs moving in. I really wouldn't be surprised if a bit of inter gang warfare kicks off over this to see who own the "turf"
  13. Manchester, that's somewhere north of the Watford Gap isn't it?

    As long as the legions of grasping, heavily endebted chavs and OAP coach parties that will frequent this place aren't anywhere near me, I couldn't care less.

    Blackpool is a hole and if there is any chance of regeneration thanks to this enterprise, then it needs it more than anywhere else (except maybe Minehead or Scarborough), I'm surprised its gone to the Mancs.

    It's going to put a massive hole in Mecca Bingo's balance sheet as well.
  14. Bloody hell, who will look after all those wippets and racing pigeons if their owners are down the casino?
  15. Manchester is a spot on 21st century city, Blackpool on the other hand is a tip. Thankfully Its ended up in the heart of the country, Not the arrsehole, like some rural shite hole full of interbred donkey walloper's, or London :)