Manchester - stuff to do/see over valentines

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by crescent, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. 'noon all

    Taking the TBH to a swish Manchester hotel on the 14th and 15th, never been to Manchester before so not sure what's there.

    Anyone got any info on things to do in an evening, other than the predestined obvious. TOH's into theatre/shows + musicals but can only find listings for 4 places on tinterweb and I'm sure there are more.

    No idea where to eat. And need to fill a full day on the Friday

    Any suggestions?

  2. Manchester has several theatres in the city centre; Palace, Opera House, Exchange and Dancehouse. Close by you also have the Lowry at Salford Quays. There are also local theatres in surounding towns such as Oldham.
    There are also a number of music venues, and restaurants to suit all tastes.

    Will try and dig out more info.
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  4. The gay village in Canal St (?) is reputedly a great night out and hetero's are welcomed without any grief. They send coaches of punters there for the craic
  5. msr

    msr LE

  6. Canal Street is a good night out but if you dont want to be accosted by the drag Queens (how the feck do they walk on those heels Im sooo jealous) theres several nice enough bars in the Printworks close to the MEN.

    Restaurant wise theres the usual selection of chains which are good to stick with things you know or the almighty Curry Mile, although that might not be quite suited to a Valentines weekend (the best currys Ive ever had are to be found along there) if you do fancy something like that its best to get a taxi out there, just ask the driver for their favourite place - saves making a decision yourself.

    The Lowry generally has some good stuff on at the weekends and if you and the other are interested the War Museum North is within walking distance for an afternoon visit. From city centre its easiest to get the tram out to the Quays.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    The Imperial Anti War Museum you mean?

    Not worth the bother, unless you can drop the Doris off at the Lowry Designer Outlet... she'll have only visited the ground floor by the time you have seen everything worth seeing in the IAWMN.

  8. Thats the one and Ill take the Museum over the shops any day, gives me ideas for dealing with cheeky MOD's.
  9. Shopping in the Trafford Centre. Then onto the Printworks in Central Manc for the night.
  10. Cheers for all that. I'm gonna miss my pretty £0 balance on the credit card.... sigh....

    Anyone been to that new Chill Factor place yet? Niether of us can ski, but wondering if it's still worth a few hours on the other 'activities' they have there - some slides and stuff apparently.

    Staying quite close to diccapilly station - how much roughly do you reckon a cab out to the trafford centre would cost?

    EDIT: Definitely not gonna be able to get to the museum, we have a "don't talk about it" policy on all things Army at the moment - :x
  11. cheap scoff in chinatown during daytime
  12. msr

    msr LE

    Bus route 250

    Every 10-15 minutes from Manchester City Centre to The Trafford Centre. The 250 service, run by Stagecoach Manchester, is a high frequency bus service to and from Manchester Piccadilly Gardens. The service runs every 15 minutes (every 10 minutes on Saturdays) and is run with a fleet of modern low-floor easy access buses.
  13. I would leave the Imp War Museum alone,went a while ago,and there didnt seem to be any exhibits
    Stock is a very good Italian restaurant ,dear but good. Me and a mate had a mixed seafood starter (£50 for 2) and could hardly finish the mains after.
    A black cab to the trafford centre is going to be around £20-30. Its not that good,and if you want shopping the area round the printworks is ok too,more pubs as well
    The Kings Arms in salford is a pretty good pub with a "performance space " upstairs
  14. Food:

    Indian: Shimla Pinks / Gaylords (seriously)/ Rajdoot. For lunch there is the Hagada cafe which serves excellent Pakistani food and is very authentic. 3 curries and rice for under £4! Unbeatable.
    Avoid the curry mile like the plague. Terrible food, terrible service, terrible punters and rough as fukc.

    Chinese: Yang Sing in Chinatown is probably your best bet, although there are lots of chinese places to eat round there.

    Italian: Stock (as mentioned) is outstanding. Excellent quality food and if you have £2,500 spare you can really get drunk in style. Croma (Off St Peters Sq.) is also very good. You can get pizzas and stuff there. Piccolino across the road is also very good.

    Greek / Turkish: Turkish delight in Chorlton (get a taxi £10), one in Sale (tram £3 each) and one by the Brooklands tram stop. All very good.

    Japanese: Tapenyaki (Sp?) off Deansgate is supposed to be pretty memorable, in a good way. Not been myself.

    English: Get a taxi and go to some of the country pubs around Altrincham way. Axe & Cleaver is an excellent place.

    Don't waste your time with the Trafford centre or the Printworks. This is where mouth breathers from all around the North West congregate to exchange tips on the best Henri Lloyd jumpers and Rockport shoes.
    For shopping, all the best places are in the Northern quarter or near St Anne's Square.