manchester police

i see in todays paper that a sikh has won his case against manchester police as they told him to take his turban off and wear a helmet during riot training. he took offence, sued them and won!
yet the amount of stupid health & safety rules we have to apply to in the army is ridiculous.
the cops should of told him fine keep ya turban on and if you get hurt, tough shit!
yet again the uk has lost to ethnic discrimination rather than common sense
I think it was the met who spent many thousands of pounds trying to find a solution for this problem, only to fail. AND there was only something like 7 turban wearing officers in the met who wanted to do riot training!!!

Makes sense to me :?
The average size head must be about size 7, why don't they just make big Fcuk off hats in size 16 or above which slip over the top of the turban.

Not only would you see em from a long way off, if Constable Singh gives em a Moss Side Kiss they stay kissed
So why is it
He keeps his bandage hat on, ragheads keep the their full face jobs on, hoodies keep theirs and the face scarf on, yet when I go the garage on my bike I've got to take my fcuking crash helmet off.


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My knowledge of the Sikh religion is a little vague, but doesn't Monty Panesar just wear a bandana when he's playing to avoid all this? Or does he not wear a turban at all, and just sticks with the bandana?

In fact, I'm pretty sure there are bucketloads of Sikhs who manage to play cricket with a protective helmet on.
I understand what you mean Dunghill,Its not as if I can do a runner on my old BMW GS either,its old/heavy and slow just like its rider and possibly the only one of its type in Its not that hard to trace.

Unfortunately though Motorcycling is not classed as a religion no matter what bikers might we lose out to that one.

The main point though is ridiculous,if you cannot wear or use some essential equipment because of your beliefs or religious attire......then common sense dictates that you shouldn't do that task.

Common sense.....ah that is the weak point in the argument.

Imagine the uproar if said Turban attired officer is actually in a riot situation and gets blinded by an ammonia or petrol bomb because he cannot wear a faceshield?
ah this takes me back to radex and the first turban wearer we had come through ..........

refused to take off the turban and put a helmet on for the antenna testing and field phase, cue nobody having a clue what to do and back coursing him, hes probably still there rattling around blandford with nobody knowing what to do about it

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