Manchester Police demonstrate good drills

Seriously tho,,this is the same team who killed one of their own before this episode,,you would think that they would learn.....
Ok, bollock them within an inch of their lives, maybe even fine them,

But to demote them, and waste all that taxpayer's money is stupid, and overreacting IMHO...
We have all done it... hot fuzz1.jpg

I think this ticks all the boxes for this site and thread.
not really....less pay!! cut backs for idiots! saves having to choose on basis of time-served, experience etc...just look at who's made an arrse of him/herself and cut pay. easy.
Well, as long as they continue to do the work they have been trained to do..

If they get sacked off the firearms squad, then all the training investement goes down the tube..
******* idiots, I agree with the earlier comment, you would think that after the Manchester RIP debacle they would be a bit sharper. Truth is every one fucks about, god forbid they sack every soldier who swears or does somthing distastful on you tube video's.
There is no demotion though if they are PC's they will stay PC's, they will lose a bit of cash but again not much, get moved back to core shift. The big issue for them is loss of face (or arse) they will have had a few quid spent on them and a few hundred hours of training to get them to a point where they are Firearms officers, quite a bit by the looks of the kit they are carrying, all wasted, it bloody annoyed me when I was a serving instuctor and it annoys me now.


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It's not as if the gun is actually up his arse!
GMP and "High Standards" two things that you don't normally equate together
Thank **** nobody on this forum has ever been involved in anything like this.

Then again, the Army has never had a fatal ND so it would be OK if we had.


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I can black cat the **** out of these clowns for weapon related tomfoolery.

Somewhere I have a phot of myself climbing halfway up a live seadart and licking it as if it were a giant cock.

I'll try and dig it out.
These officers are not 'demoted' in the conventional sense. You don't get paid more for being a specialist. So it seems that they've been removed from firearms duties. Complete over-reaction. You can't instantly replace the years of training and experience that these two have.

Yes, they are a couple of complete tools. Utter cocks. Discipline them so that it cost them money and goes on their P file, but moving them is just an expensive kneegerk reaction, which helps no one.
Old family friend of ours worked with CO19 or CO18 or whoever the fck it is who carries guns, he joked that if the police ever said "stop or we'll shoot" in real life you'd be better off running as they couldn't hit a stationary target let alone one running away

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