Manchester launch for ID card

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by heard_it_all_before, May 6, 2009.

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  1. It's started.

    One Trillion in Debt and Labour insist on frittering more on pointless ID Cards. The report says at a cost of £3billion, but that figure is guaranteed to swell.

    One can only assume that this is part of Manchester's punishment for regecting Road Pricing...!

    Manchester 'launch' for ID card

    Manchester will be the first city where people can voluntarily sign up for an ID card, ministers are set to confirm.

    Anyone over 16 in the city who holds a UK passport will be able to apply for a card from the autumn at a cost of £60.

    People will be able to enrol in post offices and pharmacies, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is expected to say.

    Opposition parties have called for the £5bn scheme to be scrapped while some Labour MPs have expressed their doubts about its cost in the current....Read More
  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I can see people rushing to get one
    Thanks to Labour £60 is quite alot of money now I should imagine more than a few people wil struggle to find £60 for real things never mind this load of rubbish
  3. They'll make it voluntary to begin with, but then after a while they'll sneak in through the back door to change regulations so that you'll start to need it for everyday things. Voluntary will then become a necessity and voilà, it's become a compulsory requirement as without one you'll be limited as to what you can and can't do.
  4. I love this line:

    Ok, So I'll pay you an extra £30 for you to collect data that I don't want to give you so that you can sell it to companies in the future.

    Mind, £60 is quite cheap compared to the projected prices, I bet the promotion of this will be 'buy it now and save £200'. I can just see the queues of people in Manchester dying to give the 3rd Reich 60 of their well earnt pounds so they can have an ID card to prove they are a citizen of their own country.

    Manchester has a massive No2ID membership so this should be fun to watch.

    A note to GB and HH 1984 was not an instruction manual.
  5. I agree with your sentiment, but as they are opening it up to 16 year olds you can just see the Govn'ts long term plan.

    The age of 16 is when many feel the desire to open an Bank Account and to start thinking about applying for a Provisional Licence or maybe even buying a Moped. Funnily enough, it is also the same age that if Labour win another term that they intend to lower the votting age to.

    Can you see the picture building...?

    Before long you'll soon require an ID Card to do all of these things and more, so the £60 option as opposed to the (£200) other option could look quite attractive.

    It won't take long for Labour Councils to install ID Card swipe entry systems on all public buildings, you'll require it to take rubbish to the Council Refuse Tip, you'll require it to get your car MOT'd etc etc etc

    Hopefully it will fall flat on it's face and the only ones mug enough to buy it will be those with the biggest requirement or personal gain.
  6. I think we're on the same page, that is the same point I was making. they are trying to encourage people to buy it now whilst it's cheap so it looks like everybody agrees with them. Once it is compulsory or indirectly compulsory (there were plans not long ago to say that you will need one to apply for your student loan and a bank account) they will charge 200 plus thus now they're hoping this will scare people into buying them.

    I hope my fellow Mancunians aren't that stupid.
  7. ID cards have benifits and draw-backs (sort of wah'd myself there I think). Major benifits are that it can aid EEC internal travel - no need to take a passport - as currently happens with our continental neighbours. Another is if you don't qualify for one then claiming freebies from the public purse is going to be harder if not impossible as they can only be issued to citizens. The biggest fear of the scare mongering chattering classes is that it becomes compulsory to have one and to carry it at all times. This concern I understand as it may be another step towards more govermental control, whatever colour goverment that may be, because I doubt that politicians will let go once they have their hands on that 'weapon'.

    I never had a problem carrying an ID card when I was in the mob and it never ever hindered my life then. On the contrary, it actually helped in more than once with plod and other 'officials'.
  8. This is because they have signed up to the Schengen agreement and not because they have ID cards. The Schengen agreement is similar to the one we have with Eire. The borders are open so you don't need a passport but you need ID to get on a plane, which is the same as domestic flights. Even with ID cards we will still need passports to travel to Europe and people arriving from Europe will need them to come to the Uk because we opted out of the Schengen agreement.
  9. In how many languages?
  10. And thanks to you I'm now a little wiser. :)
  11. That is remarkably paralleled by the Swedish (sorry that should be a volte face..)

    Remember Harold Wilson ? & George Brown ?
    Both were adherents of the Swedish way of insisting that the populace all had ID cards - without which,no one could do ANYTHING !!

    By this method - the then Swedish PM (one Olof Palme) got EVERYONE onto Computer....and total control was achieved - and one of the highest suicide rates in the World. (not sure about now tho..)

    This is part of the Socialists dream - be warned !

    BTW - Olof Palme was assassinated shortly afterwards - the Police have still not found the perpertrator...
  12. Would you like to borrow my tinfoil hat?
  13. With the NEW Veterans ID card being announced several months ago, I hope this means that the SPVA are going to pay in FULL the cost!

    Have they actally said what data will be collected, what will be held and where and the absolute promise said data will be secure!

    I thought not!
  14. Don't bet your house on it :D

    Hopefully the Tories will scrap this ID card scheme once in power.
  15. The European ID card does not contain:

    Biometric data
    Fingerprint data
    Iris Scans
    Health Records
    Criminal Records.

    The Euro ID Card actualy works (I have a Dutch one) It comes as an optional part of a passport renewal and is handy if popping over the border (as you must be able to produce ID on request).

    I have no objection to carrying ID, and after all the Euro ID contains no more information than can be found on my UK Driving License. I do object to the additional information being contained within the chip on the card, as it is this that can cause the biggest disruption to your life if details are incorrect, or worse cloned by some criminal element. It is the government's drive to include this sort of data, and make it readable using RFID technology that gives rise to concerns. If it is readable by RFID it is susceptable to intercept and cloning by those who will use the data to steal your identity.

    Government handling of data has got a poor record, if you "gain" a criminal record in error at the data entry time how do you get it removed.