Manchester Crawl 2

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by scuba_angel, Jul 3, 2008.

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  1. 9th August

  2. 16th August

  1. Right for those in the ever lovely North West or those willing to travel. We have a request for another manchester crawl. So the two weekends suggested are 9th August or 16th August. Let us know which you prefer and as with before details will be worked out nearer the time.

    But things that will be present are alcohol, arrsers, bars and hopefully this time bad behaviour.

    SO get yer votes in for the next manchester playtime!
  2. Good i'm in just down the road.
  3. UP the road ant, I know youre male but seriously north and south are simple concepts!
  4. Manchester is down the road. Tut.
  5. Oh erm yes Ill go back to my bottle now, clearly the vodka hasnt kicked in and is causing me to be stupid. :oops:
  6. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Or more rancid dives if we are going down the bad behavior route.
  7. Classier places?
    Like where?

    Though Ive just checked my diary, and Im away both weekends, so you`ll be on your own. Have to find a new native guide!
  8. Classy and rancid.. Canal St it is then. You will all be expected to wear dresses this time though ladies :p
  9. Am a local might be able to make it and i know some right dives.
  10. im local and can make either date
  11. Edited to I'm free on neither weekend, looks like it may be another 2 years before my next crawl. :(
  12. Are you getting sent down for being a gwa?

    I'm up in Manchester on 9th August so it's quite possible I can make that crawl.
  13. No hes scared I actully will eat him alive this time.

    Or that someone will be sober enough to video his attempts at dancing.
  14. If only ;) Nah I'm defo up for another crawl, but have TA on both weekends.
  15. My standards might be low Bennett but you are gwar and by the end of the night there wasnt enough vodka left in the West Midlands to take that taste away!