Manchester Council Management - Spineless cretins


"While it is understood that people want to show their support for the England team in the forthcoming European Championships, we are sensitive that our national flags have also been used in a negative context and caused upset and offence.

"As an organisation we value diversity and wish to develop a sense of inclusiveness. Our instructions, therefore, are that national flags or similar emblems should not be displayed on or around probation premises unless they are a requirement of the building.

Whatever happened to the right to free speech/freedom of expression? I am proud of being British, though not blind to the bad points about our country, if people do not want to live here and support our country they can live somewhere else, we all have freedom of movement. If someone is a genuine asylum seeker they should be grateful to live here rather th :? an a country suffering civil war, corrupt government authorities etc as so many countries are unfortunate enough to


Farewell England ...we loved you well :cry:
Educate the flag hiders :evil:
by letter at-
Head of Probation Services
Greater Manchester Probation Administrative Headquarters
6th Floor, Oakland House, Talbot Road, Manchester, M16 0PQ
by telephone at Tel: 0161 872 4802
by Fax at Fax: 0161 872 3483
or by email at E-mail:
I'm still flying the Union flag from D Day 60 on my car...This has decided it..I'm off to the shops to buy two St George's Flags to join it now....and I'll have my 5ft flag pole and Flag up on my house by the end of the weekend.Fukcing bastards :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
so they're still carting out the old "flag of st. george is rascist" b**locks are they , god i thought that had gone away!!! i wonder if red ken will make Lizzie take down the flag at buck house in case it upsets any asylum seekers!!! :roll:
The PC loonies in Manchester complain that the Union flag and the cross of St George have been 'appropriated by far-right extremists'. What nonsense - anyone can see that the flags are not supporting the racist scum of the BNP, but by equally moronic football fans....


ViroBono said:
What nonsense - anyone can see that the flags are not supporting the racist scum of the BNP, but by equally moronic football fans....
Not so ViroBono. The England flags are supporting ENGLAND...the football is partly an excuse for us to come together to be supportive and proud of our country.Welcome home parades for our soldiers returning from telic would have been better but in their absence the football will do.
Rule Britannia :p
A taxi driver told me this morning, that they have now done a u-turn on this. It was mainly aimed at Taxis and they were saying that under some very old law taxis are not allowed to display advertising. Now since when has the Flag of St George been advertising?????

Anyway where i live the flags are still on all the cars and for one I will be hanging my flag out of my bedroom window!!!!
Judging by the number of Eng-er-land flags hanging out of windows in the local Muslim areas, and the St. George flags flying from young Asian yoofs motors, I'd say a fair proportion of 2nd generation Muslim Englishmen are coming out in support.

Mind you, that's until Pakistan are playing Cricket somewhere :D
I saw a black cab this morning painted in DPM with "the adventures of the british soldier " (or something along those lines) on the side..........didn't get a close enough look to see if it's latest MOD recruitment campaign.
Will anyone prosecute?
:lol: :lol:
shortfuse said:
take it your not a fan of "the beautiful game" then VB or just it's supporters??
You are quite right. The whole thing has become no more than an opportunity for commercial exploitation of the foolish.


I suspect the concept of supporting one's country for the sake of national pride is lost on many of those wearing/flying the flag. Military parades would be excellent for educating such people, but most would probably not turn out as they would be inside watching football! :) In any case, Bliar has decided that victory parades smack of triumphalism. Quite why he thinks that the drunken hooliganism usually shown by football supporters is better I do not know.

I consider myself a patriotic Englishman but do not feel it necessary to show my patriotism by flying a rather naff flag on my car, nor do I feel obliged to support the football team - which is managed by a Swede, and some of whose players are not resident in this country.
Intimidated by a flag bearing the cross of St. George? ---- What a pathetic bunch of knobbers :!: :evil:

300 up.
People like Mr Swade and our Probation service are an absolute disgrace. What complete rubbish to say that the English flag is in any way political. It is not related to the BNP or football hooliganism. I am offended by remarks such as these. I will have my flag on the front of my house for as long as I want and I am neither a racist nor a hooligan. We support other members of our diverse communities in their beleifs and cultures but are expected to ignore our own by stupid, narrow minded, left wing idiots who are more interested in political correctness and appeasing minorities.
When i go back to Belfast im going to buy a cheap naff England flag, stick on my car - then declare im only supporting the football team :D
lets turn it on its head and say this.
the flag is a legitimate symbol of this nation and should be displayed proudly .
ethnic minorities are British /English citizens and the flag is their flag too

make it a criminal offence to misuse the flag for racist and dubious political motivations I.E. Town hall loonies

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