Manchester City(The Bitters)

Gout Man

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Due to a lonely member encroaching on the Manchester United thread and obviously not having a thread for his own club I thought that it would be nice of me to show that football does unite and bring people together.
With that in mind I thought I'd give @Bosscat and any other poster who is a city supporter their own thread so they too can see what it's like to play at home.
True this thread may represent the Emptyhad Stadium and BC may be talking to himself for some time but you never know it may take off, then again it may be relegated to the arrsehole, who knows and frankly who cares.
So here you go Bosscat, your very own Man City thread, enjoy.
Hilarious, if we wanted our own thread, we wouldn't rely on a Fenian to kick it off :rolleyes:
Remind us all again why we rightly call Man U 'Scum'.

Congratulations on your 8th place in the table......I'm sure that will increase after today:cool:

Gout Man

Book Reviewer
I see this thread is growing in popularity=-D

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