Manchester attempts to impose minimum price of alcohol

I did notice that Stockport was against it - Like everything all the local councils in Manchester vote for, they go against the grain. Even if they did agree - It could make small towns and villages in Cheshire, Lancashire and Merseyside quite wealthy with all of the new trade!

Saturday? Can't mate, going on a booze cruise to Liverpool!
I've not lived here long but you truly are the most disgusting race of bed wetting alcofrolics I've ever seen, it doesn't help that you have the premier league team of jock and Mick piss artists roaming your city centre but if ever a place needed a degunge and a blast of Ebola it's Piccadilly....
Apart from a thriving black market in the more stronger alcoholic drinks, I thought this by-law couldn't be made because of national (and possibly EU) trading laws?
That's why I never go in to town, plus every major bus route out after 10pm is like a mobile boxing ring! Forget the rave scene - that was the 90's. E's, pills & Guns. It's now 20 years on and the drug of choice Alcohol. People can't fight, their too busy lagging themselves!
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