Manchester Arrse Crawl

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by kes1, May 5, 2008.

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  1. On behalf of Scuba Angel who is being incredibly lazy....

    Scubes and I will be getting very drunk on the 31st May in Manchester, starting off around lunchtime.

    PM Scubes for further details if you are brave (silly?) enough to join us :D
  2. Will try to make it
  3. You know you want to mac, I promise not to hurt you too much :twisted:
  4. Bring the Gingerfreak? We can lose it at some point I'm sure.
  5. Solved your own problem then :D

    Come on people noone else want to play out with Kes and myself?

    At the moment its looking like a lunchtime start at a bar in the Printworks for ease of finding us (I've had to promise not to wear my rather fetching trilaminate number but the neoprene one is still a possibility).
  6. i may be on shift that weekend, but if not i'm keen on a session.

    please keep thread up-dated if mission on.
  7. Kes and I are playing out even if noone else is, so I'm sure the men of Manchester will appreciate Arrsemales attempting to keep us in check, if you can that is. :twisted:
  8. Keeping us in check? Is that possible Scubes? :?

  9. Well they can try. But the more of them there are the better surely?

    Or the more of them will end up under the patio but well its gotta be worth a try!
  10. He can be pursuaded/forced. :twisted:
  11. Not a hope I may be there but I'll be being a good boy. 8)
  12. LOPS!!! Thought you were hiding from me again. :blowkiss:

    Of course you'll be a good boy, I shall be making all kinds of promises to all kinds of Gods that I wont break/damage/misbehave you in any way shape or form :?
  13. That and you don't want my big scary ex-bootie Dad gentle remember I break easy these days.
  14. You always did break easy and early.

    Did I not say promises to all kinds of Gods? Think the ex-bootie counts in this case. Although Im not scared of him, its the vodka gods that scare me, what happens when they start giving me hangovers :?
  15. For those unsure of the start point it will be a bar, probably Lloyds in the PrPrintworks

    For places to pass out my best suggestion is to google for hotels in Manchester City centre, theres loads so should be somewhere to suit.