Manchester Airport to run dry about.... NOW!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chocolate_frog, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. Checking the googley maps.

    At about 30 miles, why isn't fuel pumped via a pipeline? Or taken by dedicated rail systlem?
  2. Wouldn't make any difference, if the fuel is not achieving the safety and quality requirements, they cannot use it.
  3. Must be lot of American planes using that airport.
  4. Wouldn't it need to settle to check for water ?
  5. Manchester is supplied by pipeline so the tanker thing is a load of bollox.
  6. Passengers have been advised to bring a full jerrycan in their carry- on baggage......
  7. What in a small polythene bag?
  8. A conspiracy?
  9. Is it? How else would you get fuel from a different refinery if the Stanlow problem isn't resolved? EFHE from Eastham?
  10. I know the transport bit isn't a problem at the moment, exceptt he speed it would take a tanker to get to the airport I suppose.

    Just thinking of how many 70 mile round trips are needed, and the tankers required to keep Manchester topped up.

    Would there be any dramas in putting in a pipeline or train system? ie fire issues? Could we end up with a 30mile long flare?
  11. 1million litres a day it just said on news.
  12. Always knew my TFHE module would come in useful. Am presenting myself to be mobilised. Coming from Ellesmere Port I know where the refinery is and I've flown from the airport too.

    I am sure that as soon as the bits are put in place I can drive down the M56 to a heroes welcome. The CAA are bound to trust my module received in an alcohol induced haze on a Sunday morning in Ripon so fear not holiday makers .......