Manchester 20 Sep Labour Conference, Stop the War, CND & BMI

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ABrighter2006, Sep 11, 2008.

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  1. Looks like Manchester could be the place to be this Saturday.

    Below the latest from Stop the War, about forthcoming protest at the Labour Party Conference in Manchester (20 Sep).

    Given that the coalition includes CND and the British Muslim Initiative, will it turn violent? :D

    Any predictions for:

    a) Number of protesters (according to STW)
    b) Number of protesters (according to Labour Party spokesman)
    c) How many arrests will be made

  2. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Man, I wish they had webcams on the helmets of the TSG boys. Or a baton cams. A decent hippy/jihadi apologist/'death to infdels' shoeing live feed would really brighten up my afternoon at work. Christ, I would even PAY to watch it.
  3. How about this in Manchester on the 20th Sept 2008

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  4. Looks good themonsstar - good to see you here - was about to post RIP thread for you!
  5. a) STW will claim every able-bodied person in the UK apart from the Cabinet were there.
    b) Labour spokesthings will claim nobody was.
    c)The police will claim the numbers of demonstrators exactly matched the ratio of crowd/police laid out in their procedures when compared to busies on the ground. And that everybody was enjoying the kittens and party hats handed out by the police until the nasty old terrorist pensioner started threatening democracy by calling Jack Straw's speech 'rubbish'.
  6. It would be as nothing compared to the shoeing Cyclops will be getting inside the conference centre.

    With any luck, he'll finally snap and his political career will end with the Downing Street staff psychologist (they employed one a couple of months ago) chasing a naked Cyclops through the streets of Manchester as the PM cries 'It's all down to international events that are beyond my control'.
  7. Perhaps we could incite a riot...Labour politicians, pacifists, terrorist apologists..who'd miss 'em?