Managers and metatarsals

Rooney's probably out, Owen is a doubt, the manager fiasco drags England's World Cup campaign already down the crapper?

Can England still win it without Rooney?

Are they a one-man team?

Who should play up front?
I don't know

but where I was the commentators were gobbing off about "Metatatarsals" a bit too much before it occurred, it was guarenteed to happen!!

I'll try and fit a fe more tatatatatata in there next time
Well England now have the excuse for not getting past the 1st round ready and prepared. "If only we had Rooney..............!"
As Owen can only go about 10 games before pulling his hamstring at least we'll have him for a few games before it goes....maybe just as Shrek returns??
Reckon without Roonaldo we're done for personally, but who knows maybe someone like Defoe or Wright-Philips will step up to the mark.....we could always play Crouch or Heskey as a lone striker up front???
Can somebody pass me my pills, I need to lie down. ;)

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