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Hi all i'm looking at singnig off soon after 8yrs and am wanting to progress into management. Looking at doing two curses one level 5 diploma in management and the prince 2 practicioners course. I'm 25 and a Lcpl in the r sigs. Just wondering if people who are already out or recruiters could pass judgement on theses courses and wether they would set me up well for a career in mangement. The company i'm planning on doing the courses with is
I'd be inclined to change the elastic band in your spell checker before you start!
Prince 2 for project management. Really based on software projects but is transferrable. Vewry ridgid process and pretty **** in its descriptions. Some bugg*r ran off with my manual. Hard course if done in a week as I did. You need to be a practitioner if it is to be of any use.
My point exactly...

As a PRINCE consultant, (and therefore of a*al tendencies!), I am well aware that spelling (and general written communication skills) are very important...

If you can't get that right, then is project management really your bag? Lots of Gay Reports...!

PRINCE is still used in the public sector, but is getting a bit long in the tooth. Probably better to concentrate on general managment courses and get an employer to pay for a PRINCE course if you need it.
Thanks for the advice guys, as for the spelling seeing as this is a laid back site i didn't think it would matter that much if my finger strayed while i was touch typing
Laid back? Today bad spelling on Arrse, tomorrow the hatch on a submarine...

PRINCE 2 is good but why not focus on risk management as a secondary skill set?

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