Managed to dodge that one then!

I had written on the how bone is your Mrs thread about the massive leak in the bathrooms

she had been nipping my head for months about new tiles for the bathroom floor...when the leak happened I said get the insurance company in and lets see how bad it is , and bit the bullet fo the £250 excess
Just as well we did whole top floor bathroom to be removed , including a built in shower new waterproof chipboard , ply and tiles all round new shower and rebuild cabinet
Downstairs loo though is a much worse job the water that was seeping through the ceiling has managed to get behind the wall , so the tiled wall, plasterboard and all the insulation is coming out plus the downstairs shower and cabinet sink and the floor

well done Homebase , your cowboys managed to really **** things up

Good thing , Doris kicked off with my sons friend , who works at Homebase and planned the bathroom and it looks like homebase are about to pick up the tab for the excess

Fucks up our early summer trip in the camper to Somerset though

Can't help but wonder what shit I'd be facing with the insurers had I stated to do the floor tiles myself

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