Man / Woman Power in units.

I work in a large unit with a lot of personnel in it, that is on paper until you get them on parade and it is the same faces there on the vehicle park each time. Where is john answer football where is so and so football too and it goes on and on.

Is it just my unit that has this thing, that sport seams to come before work and that sport is more important than work.

I would be interested in the views of what goes on in other units as to the amount of time given off to personnel to play sport and not to work. Would you get the time of if, say you worked for some other big company (e.g. Royal Mail, TESCO or FORD).
There are bound to be people out there you will slag me down for what I say. As you can see I am not a sports man.

Good CO

Sport?  What's that?  Try an Inf Bn these days.


My last unit was 70% women (Not as good as it sounds) so as you can imagine - not much sport played, but alas there only seemed to be a small handful for PT parade!!??   :-/    :mad:


:D When I was with a Field Ambulance in Germany in 1986-89, If you played Rugby you we god, that is because the RSM played Rugby and so did the CO, ask yourself this do the guys at the top play football? and you may have your answer.
I have served with many units and this reflects through the whole of the Army in general so my advice is learn a sport and hey presto time off.
As one of the main selling points of joining the army is that you get support for sport. I do see what you mean but just tough mate, if you can't beat em join em.


No time for sport, I am too busy trying to get bods back into their employment. Lets hope the Sports Officer can find the time to let them off the sports pitch, to become skilled in their role.
Tongue in cheek, but we have all been there. Crack on and enjoy the sports while you can.

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