Man whose sex drive rose after injury claims £3.5m

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Stooge, Dec 13, 2006.

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  1. You heard it here first.

    When I first read this I laughed. Then I read it fully and felt a bit more serious. Than I read the first paragraph again and laughed some more. He's not the first man not to get enogh action from the missus.,,200-2500976,00.html
  2. The lucky, lucky Barstid! Some people are just never satisfied...
  3. I wonder if they are claiming so much not due to him being unable to work, but to pay for his expensive prostitute habit? Or is she on prescription? (to be taken orally twice daily?)
  4. As the doctors where he got hit on the head and then take a cricket bat to his wifey.

    If they both have the smae problem then there is no problem, untill his todger falls off that is.
  5. The effects of head injury are well known. See here:

    I have known sufferers who have lost their libido completely and others who had an increase. One unfortunate side effect is the loss of inhibitions which can be really embarrassing.

    Most who suffer traumatic brain injury experience a personality change.

    Many a marriage or relationship has been ruined when the partners suddenly realise the sad fact the person they love has changed to something they would rather not be with.

    I did like the phrase, "...he made a full physical recovery after two years of specialist treatment". That is a LOB. The path to a full recovery takes many years and may never be fully reached.

    Short term memory problems, Coordination, vision, mental process and so on hinder a full recovery and a fit, of some description might occur too.
    Inability to perceive depth/distance, sweet/sour, loss of olfactory skills [ability to recognise odours], knowing left from right, loss of words when speaking. Inordinate lack of control over swearing and so on.

    Then there's depression in many forms and, as mentioned, the psycho-sexual effects. These effects sometimes leading to Alcoholism or some other excess.

    If the bloke has become epileptic he is best advised not to put it down on medical forms - he'll never get a job if he does.

    For anyone with an interest BBC1 will be showing a drama entitled, 'Recovery' with a storyline that, unsurprisingly, follows a suffer of TBI on his road to recovery.

    I know it is a subject for humour because of the sexual content but it really is a serious matter if you have the misfortune to cop a TBI.

    I seriously wish this bloke well and hope he gets all the support from those around him and from the State.

    Headway have access to specialist lawyers for anyone who wishes to make a claim for TBI or Spinal injury
  6. I'd sue for that!

    My eyebrows always heighten when I see the word 'Christian' or especially the words 'devout Christian' in articles where the behaviour of the person concerned has been the opposite. I have seen and experienced the company of so-called God-worshippers of three faiths whose actions where definitely not heavenly. Funnily enough, they haven't stated what treatment Mr Tame will have to tame (gettit?!) his oomph or what 'care' his carers are providing.
  7. Apart from copious amounts of alcohol is there such a thing as Antivigara?

    Maybe his carers are "professional ladies" who know the perfect way to manage his sexdrive? Which would be why he needs 3.5 million I suppose
  8. I think it's called Ann Widecombe.
  9. I'm now going to sue you for my total loss of libido.

    oh god I'm going to be sick...(again)
  10. Having seen the picture of his wife I know I'd have to be hit bl00dy hard on the head to want to get it on with her at all. I suppose they saved two other people.
  11. Agree there what a munter, but perhaps thats why he's suing? he feels the urge to give her the good news all the time, but inside he would rather staple his foreskin to the fridge door
  12. Statement of fact really. I didn't intend it to be in bad taste. Sorry for any offence.
  13. Nah didnt offend me mate dont worry about it, as you said statement of fact!! :)
  14. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    You mean this hippocrocobuffapig ?
    Did the blow to the head destroy his sight too ?
  15. I'd give it one.......................