Man who saved 13year old from falling to death is hounded

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by SparkySteve, Jan 11, 2008.

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  1. From the BBC,

    Personally i feel that whilst there is a point for a reprimand following a bending of the rules, he should have been commended for his selfless (Heroic) actions, not hounded by H+S staff to the point of depression and eventually leaving his job.
  2. The bloke looked pretty alive to me!

    Not to worry he can always go and join the GMP as a PCSO.

    Dohhhh! Of course they also prefer their staff to stand by as cowards and watch kids die in need of adult assistance.

    CYA H+S Nazis gone mad :evil:

  3. Exactly. How could you have it on your conscience to know that after you had assesed the situation, instead of getting down to that girl you spent 10minutes going back to the car and a further amount of time setting up the safety gear, only to find that the little girl isn't holding on to the outcrop by the time to get back?
  4. One more reason to move abroad
  5. So what are rules and guidelnes there for?

    It is so that you think before you break them.

    Which is why those plastic coppers didn't go into the water, they are not able to think.
  6. Compare that situation to this one here Malcom Russell/John Warwick HEMS water rescue

    the important part is this
    I am not aware of any follow up from H&S. Yes there was a risk to the rescuers and we are all aware of the rule 'Don't become a casualty yourself', but you take the risk(s) into consideration and carry out the actions you feel necessary.
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Bl00dy insane H&S rules, and the cretins that enforce them. The bloke should be given a medal by the Queen for selfless actions in which he risked his own life to save another. I'd love to see these H&S pr1cks have a go at people like Pte Beharry.

    I'm sorry son, I know you are injured, but have you done a risk assessment and filled out your hot works permit, becuase if not, and you go and save your oppos, you may be reprimanded.
  8. FFS, the man should be commended and rewarded for saving a life. Is this paper pushing mentality will be the death of our country.
  9. Whilst allowing victims to die.. Appalling decision. He did the risk assessment and acted accordingly, saving a life....isn't that what its all about.

    They should be ashamed
  10. Of course, if the guy had slipped, fallen and died it would have been in 'the best tradition of the MCA'. Guys a total hero in my eyes.
    I'm too angry to think straight with fcukwit HSE rules which mean buggrall when theres a split second decision to take.
    Paul Waugh should have been given a medal. :pissedoff:
  11. msr

    msr LE

    I do hope that they have issued bolt cutters to each vehicle.

  12. Im sorry but if he hasnt checked and double checked his equipment serial numbers, done his before use checks and signed the log cards then he should be severely punished. Obviously he never took into account the wind direction or stuck to the paths which could cause damage to the enviroment and countryside.

    On the other hand he SAVED SOMEONES FCUKING LIFE. Its about time some of these pen pushers who write H&S moved back and live on this planet :x
  13. I cant help thinking about the Penlee lifeboat (Soloman Browne) tragedy back in the 80's. The Cox and crew understood the risks that they had accepted in taking the job on and chose to 'have one last go' to get the last few crewmen off the stricken vessel. As we know, some astonishingly brave men lost their lives that night, and they are rightly remembered as such.
    What would be the situation today if it were to happen again?
    1) lifeboat not launched to to excessive risk- lifeboat crews lives saved by H&S.
    2) lifeboat launched, some ships company rescued, Cox charged and sacked for breach of H&S.

    Edited to correct embarassing historical error
  14. My Ghast is flabbered.

    The coastguard. A hardy bunch of mostly volunteer lifesavers. This boy does this - for no reward remember - and is hounded for it.


    Lets see if we can map this across to - lets say - the RNLI.

    *Ring Ring*


    Quick!!! The Saucy Sue is in trouble and sinking!! We need someone to go out and rescue the crew!!!

    Sorry fella. H and S say that if the waves are over 18 inches high we can't go. They obviously didn't do their risk assessment.


    More than my jobs worth mate. ta ra.

    *Click Brrrrrrrr*

    Twonks. We are dying by degrees.
  15. Thank fuck this mentality hasn't yet reached the Army: