Man who killed son on trial in Crete

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by the_guru, Jan 21, 2008.

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    This "man" selfishly attempted to kill both his children in a fit of anger, because his marriage was over. I struggle to think of a more selfish, nasty and pathetic thing to do. He has evidently attempted to kill himself several times whilst in prison. I have slightly mixed feelings over this. One part of me wants the man to rot in hell and be reminded every day of what he has done. The other side, I suppose from an empathetic view, would not want to have such a thing on my conscience. I know that I would never do what he did, but if I did, I would want to die.

    All in all, a very sad incident.
  2. A tragic story for sure, but I'm not sure of the military connection or wider political/social relevance meriting discussion on this particular site? That's not to say there aren't other stories like this regularly aired, but more a query as to why they are.
  3. He had apparently been on anti-depressants for some time beforehand, which raises thre wider issues, to my mind:

    1. Is chemical treatment for depression effective? Not in this case, obviously.

    2. Should a person with such a severe case as to merit chemical treatment really competent to be resonsible for thier own actions i.e. is 'the drugs made me do it' a valid defence a la 'the voices'?

    3. What should society's wider response to those who kill their children while incapacitated be?
  4. Eh?

    This board is for the discussion of ALL Current Affairs, not just the stuff that pertains to the military.

    It is a newsworthy subject in the news, and as worthy of discussion here as most and more so than a good few of the subjects here.
  5. Very true, I gather that part of the legal argument used the same defence as that used by mothers suffering from Post-Natal depression. My view is that all these parent should be punished and jailed accordingly, an innocent child has died, it was no accident, manslaughter maybe, even so jail.
  6. I think he was convicted of manslaughter.

    IN the UK at least, if you successfully plead diminished responsibility, you remain liable to be convicted of manslaughter.
  7. insane looks like it runs in the family his two brothers killed themselves :(
  8. How can this be murder? Surely you have to be in control of your faculties to comit murder. This man jumped himself carrying his kids with him. That suggests to me that he was well messed up in the head, Does it not to you?

    A bad thing to do? Damned right.
    Murder? Hell no.

    Maybe he should be locked up (I don't know) but if so, in a mental hospital rather than a prison don't ya think?
  9. Wether it was Murder or Manslaughter, the kid is STILL DEAD!

    I get very fcuked off when people try to excuse murder etc because the perp. was a looney, mongo, whatever. I really don't care if someone kills an innocent person because Allah told them to, or they were deprerssed, or just because they liked killing. :x

    Do the Crime, do the Time. Either slot the worthless piece of sh1t or lock him up until he either dies of old age or does the decent thing and kills himself(better luck next time, cnut; cut down instead of across).

    It looks like the Greek "justice" system is even more pathetic than ours - and that's fcuking saying something! 8O
  10. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Sorry mate but thats a bit of a bone rant. No one is excusing what he did, it was wrong. But you have to try and understand why he did it? We've all had the red mist descend and done something we wouldn't normally even dream about. In this case it was extreme. In the cool light of day do you really think this guy wanted to kill his kids?

    That he should in some way pay for it is a given. But I suspect he is paying iinside in a way that is way more painful than anything society can inflict on him.

    But other than that thanks for your informed input. :)
  11. And that's a Bone response. No, I don't have to try and understand why he did it, anymore than I have to "understand" why peado's abuse kids.

    One more time for the hard of thinking: if you kill or abuse children - you are SCUM and deserve a slow, painful death. Anyone who believes differently is either a coward or a retard.

    Unfortunately, the cowards and retards are in charge, which is why this country has turned into sh1t-hole.

    Strong message follows. :evil:
  12. And breathe, Frank...breathe... :roll: :whew:
  13. I'm sorry I don't buy the whole 'loony' angle, the guy was a tosser who killed his kids to get back at his wife because their marriage was over! It was a selfish act of spite and he should rot in hell! and before anyone starts defending him, I worked in a secure psychiatric hospital for ten years and you get a gut feeling for the fakers!!

    Hell yes we all do stupid things when we get the 'red mist' but at the back of any mind, however disturbed is that small voice of reason.....mainly that your children are sacrosanct and you would not or could not hurt them, F*CK I would die before I let any to55er harm my children!

    I can't think of any punishment that would be vile enough for that ar5ehole, I would just hand him over to Unit 731's finest!
  14. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    What a knob you are.

    First off no one gives a toss what you think. And to be honest you show little ability to think for yourself but gob off with ill informed rhetoric.

    No one is going to kill, 'scum' or 'paedoes', as much as i agree that should be the case. So why blert out such crap?

    The cowards and retards may well be in charge in 'this country' but the guy is in Greece so not sure what you're gobbing off about conker bollocks.

    But thanks for your input, now don't let the door bang you on the arrse on the way out. :roll:
  15. FrankCastle,

    I am not trying to excuse murder etc. But doesn't the charge of murder require someone to be fully in control of his/her faculties and the death to be premeditated?

    You seem to think that I am in some sort of agreement with this child-killing behaviour. I am not.

    I do not believe however that somebody that jumps from a balcony carrying his kids is likely to be either in full control of his mental state or did it pre-meditated. Given the cicumstances it sounds like a stupid reaction to a bad situation.

    Now I do believe the public etc should be protected and especially children. This guy needs investigating and the findings should then take the action that protects the general population over the killers rights to freedom.

    But not a kneejerk reaction if you please.

    OH! BTW: A finding of insanity or mental health problems possibly carries a longer term in custody than murder does in this country. Murder may result in a sentence of effectively 7-10 years. Mentally dangerous could equal confined for your life.