Man walks into WH Smith



Man walks into WH Smith and says

"Do you have the new self-help book for men with really small dicks ?"

Girl says "I don’t think it’s in yet"

He replies "Yeah, that’s the one !!"


Man walks into WH Smith and says to the girl behind the counter

"Do you keep stationery?"

Girl says "No, I tend to jiggle around rather a lot."
Guy walks into a clock repair shop and places his dick on the counter.
Girl say's "sorry sir this is a clock shop"
he says "I know I want you to put two hands and a face on this".



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An old man walks slowly into an ice cream shop and buy a large ice cream. The girl behind the counter says " Crushed nuts?" The old man says " No, arthritis. "

Old chef, any room in that taxi?
Girl walks into w h smiths and says "ive just cut my finger off in your door "
Assistant-"what ! the whole finger "
Girl -no the one next to it!!

ill get me coat!!
I went into Waterstones recently and asked if they had a copy of 'How to cope with disappointment without resorting to violence'.
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