Man Utds Ronaldo in rape arrest

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Oct 19, 2005.

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  1. Manchester United footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has been arrested on suspicion of rape.
    Scotland Yard confirmed a man in his 20s was arrested after reporting by arrangement to a police station.

    The Portuguese international is being questioned about claims a woman was sexually assaulted at a central London hotel on 2 October.

    Manchester United said it was "not commenting at the moment".

    Ronaldo, 20, attended the station and was arrested by officers from the Metropolitan Police's specialist Sapphire team.

    He is being held in custody while he is interviewed about allegations made by a woman that she was raped in the penthouse suite of a hotel the day after Manchester United played Fulham.

    A man in his 30s also kept an appointment at the police station, but has not been arrested.

    BBC crime correspondent Neil Bennett said normal procedure was for the police to interview the alleged victim and alleged perpetrator and send a file to the Crown Prosecution Service to decide whether anyone should be charged.

    Guilty or another woman trying to "cash in" on someones fame?

  2. It's hard to say, but no man is above the law, except perhaps a select, privileged bunch of murderous politicians - oh and the US Embassy people who haven't paid their London congestion charge since its inception.... currently £150,000 and counting...oh and Rupert Murdoch, etc. etc.
  3. IMO The latter BRL. I hope I don't ehave to eat my words!:

    I believe him. They (yes two women) probably got hurt when neither of the men didn't want anything to do with them afterwards which ment they could not share in their affluent lives. The last time something like this happened the CPS dropped it through insufficient evidence. The majority of these women get the '$' signs in their eyes when they see these men bling-bling and hope to sleep their way to getting their quota.

    Don't these women learn? And don't these ballers learn too? Even though I like the game, there is no player that I would just spread my legs open to just like at the drop of a few pound coins or on the basis that he thinks he's so statuesque.
  4. Amen to that. Especially for a crap footballer. At least find a good one to accuse.'s definitely not my habit to "accuse the accuser" either. But my mama taught me not to go to hotel rooms with men I didn't know very well, let alone spoiled rich athletes. Maybe that's why I'm broke. Regardless -- these women should know by now that almost no credibility is lent to such claims in a post-Kobe world even if they were assaulted.

    If false, this type of accusation is a tremendous disservice to women that are still living in terror years after real, credible sex crimes.